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Entrust the task of customer support to us and leave aside all your worries of dealing with customer queries!

ICCS is a leading BPO in India that believes in "partnership approach" with all its clients. We go beyond the usual business partnership and we are among the forerunners to have brought in the concept of call center outsourcing in the country. Whether you are a start-up or you have global presence, we are always ready to help you achieve your business goals.

We are a leading outsourcing company in India and offer our customer support service to different domains. We are one of the best outsourcing service providers in India and are committed to provide a competitive edge to our clients by transforming their businesses.

Why partner with ICCS?

The secret behind becoming one of the leading call centers in India is flexibility. We have a team of more than 2000 employees with operations in 5 locations and support more than 8 languages. Our main motive is client servicing from the location that is ideal to cater to your needs while taking into consideration the objective of your business, the ideal language and lost more.

We embrace changes that happen in the industry and implement them radically.

We are committed to deliver on time.

We believe in cultivating trust and personal responsibility in all associations.

We are committed to our client’s success and believe in delivering process excellence.

Our client’s satisfaction is our success. We build lasting relationships.

We create value for our clients and help them achieve their business.

Top BPO Outsourcing Call Center Providers in India

In a technical era, dependency upon a BPO outsourcing service is like inevitable. There are thousands of such companies available in India offering BPO outsourcing services. But, when it comes to finding the best, the list gets quite confined. Being the best outsourcing company, the first thing we at ICCS promise is of solving all the customer queries in the quickest possible time.

Being the best outsourcing company we believe in a relationship with the clients. Moreover, our relationship is often based on a partnership, staying much ahead of the conventional formalities. As a top notch call center, we fulfill the wishes of all, starting from a newbie start-up to an MNC. We feel complete as a call center service provider by addressing each dimension of customer service.

Being the best, it must be resourceful:

The secret of ICCS being the topmost outsourcing service provider goes to its ability to show utmost flexibility in business operation. And, we become able in guaranteeing the ultimate flexibility as we are confident enough about our huge resource and manpower strength, which is undoubtedly the best than any call center service provider.

This is the reason that our BPO outsourcing has well-established centers across all cities in India. Especially, being a leading call center service provider we have been the most talked in the prominent cities like Delhi in India.

However, what makes us distinguishing is our ability to offer outsourcing service in all regional languages in India. The professionals here are perfectly trained with due knowledge enough to solve each query in the concerned language of the customer, as per his/her wish.

Being technically efficient and upgraded has been making us the most distinguishing outsourcing service provider in India. Especially, our flexibility to meet any quick change demands of the client and still offering the top outsourcing service has been the key to our strong customer relationship.

As mentioned above, building trust is important, which can be achieved through timely query solving or fulfilling the client requirements. On this context, utmost customer satisfaction has been our biggest the mantra and has turned us one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies in India.

We offer fast and efficient call centers customer service when you require it!

Customer service is the backbone of every successful business organization. It is what builds as well as destroys a company’s image. Hence, good customer care service is important for your business to create a foothold in the market. Outsourcing the customer care service can be beneficial for your company as it will let you focus on your core business and enjoy the growth of your business. ICCS is one of the leading call centers that offer customer service to help business organizations in managing their customer care process without any hassle. We have trained professionals, who are capable of handling all the queries of your clients in real-time. We have an in-depth understanding of the technology as well as understand the important of customer support.

How call centers outsourcing will be beneficial for your organization?
We, at ICCS can support your business organization by taking care of your customer care service. We specialize in it and have a team of competent as well as experienced team. We will extend our help by:

Availability: We are available round the clock to ensure that none of your customer is left unanswered. We treat your customers as our own and look into every concern to ensure that they are completely satisfied with your service.

Proactive support: We have quality check managers, who keep an eye on the team to ensure that we are able to deliver what we have promised. In addition, they provide regular reports as well as advice on implementation of new approach in client servicing.

Save money and time: Outsourcing your customer support to call centers, you will be able to cut-down on the operational cost to a great extent. In addition, it will as well save a lot of time, which will otherwise be required in hiring and training human resource.

We take pride in being one of best BPO’s in India. Partner with us and you will never regret on your decision!

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