The perks offered by the customer care in India to meet the consumer’s needs

Posted by ICCS-BPO on Monday 7th of May 2018

It was way back in the 20th century that many big organisations decided to select India as a sustainable overseas option, and the call centres in India initiated for the big challenge. In the following years to come, the growth of these call centres was relentlessly high and the whole world witnessed in surprise while India stood to be one of the prominent outsourcing targets especially due to the call centre and the software companies.

The present era of administering and to surpass the customer’s needs by offering services while curbing the operational costs is a gamble for the companies worldwide especially for the call centres in Delhi due to the rising living standards prevailing in the city. Delhi is the nucleus of the Indian Business Community and also centred on fostering works for the customer base with the help of the business expertise and regulation over IT services and maintenance of the customer’s business database. Call centres in Delhi offer training modules, training and development platforms like Voice and Accent Neutralisation, Soft Skills Training for the employee base of Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR.

The call centres services in India offer customer service as an ability of an organization to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need. The customer is always considered to be right in all the industries and it is important to handle them well else we lose them.

If equated with the other call centres of the world, the call centres in India surpass others due to the following features:

  • Updated with the latest technology, tools and structure
  • Implements six sigma methods to provide the best to the customer.
  • Proper training is imparted
  • Quality management processes are in place
  • Proper contact is maintained for communication purposes.

Affiliation with India for meeting the needs of the customer helped them in getting a proper balance between customer contentment, expenditure as well as productivity. India has always been the first choice for the outsourcing stop for the customer support services owing to its lesser costs. The country has the state-of-the-art contact base, increase accessibility for the structural set-up and constructive policies by the government for the call centres. Outsourcing to India is not only cost effective but guarantees getting best quality care, increased productivity and support as well.

Outsourcing in India leads to an upsurge of productivity and customer assistance as well and both of these aspects are imperative for getting efficacy and cent percent customer satisfaction. This even results in recurrent business, 24/7 customer assistance even though there is a time zone variation. Having an excellent command over the English language also has helped India being on the peak as a nominee for outsourcing. The Government of India renders utmost importance to outsourcing. There are laws that have been constituted to safeguard the foreign client’s interests.

Since the government supports the outsourcing industry by offering various tax associated benefits and also executing the Information Technology Act (that helps in recognizing e-contracts), the outsourcing companies in India always get the upper hand for meeting expectations of the customer on account of less labour costs, fluency in the English language, exception interaction skills, 12 hour time variation advantage, and last but not the least immaculate quality of service.

The customer service industry is evolving persistently and there is always a major demand for an improved demand for the channels of customer support and it is of utmost importance for the business to handle these issues in the complete lifespan. The organisations are in need of outsourcing partners who can provide the superior edge for the customer service solutions. The outsourcing solution help in accomplishing and boosting the customer experience with ready to use customer service solution that assists the client to alter the manner in which they affect the loyalty of the customer, retaining power and contentment.

The concept of outsourcing is a very widespread and popular concept in the world of business. The companies favour outsourcing of customer support, payroll, accounting etc. to reap the benefits of saving time and getting higher efficacy in productivity. This is generally used by the large-scale business but the small business outsourcing also has its own benefits and they are:

  • Less Capital Expenditure
  • Better Business Efficacy
  • Speedy implementation of new ideas
  • Fewer risks
  • Better focus on the core business
  • Reduced Labour Costs
  • Sales Generation

Customer service outsourcing helps in keeping the prevailing customers happy and contented while new customers keep pooling in. Management of resources with greater efficacy, rapid introduction of products and services as well as maintenance of catalogue accuracy are cardinal in order to match up the customers’ expectations. There are accrued benefits of outsourcing customer service and they are:

  • Less cost per transaction
  • Fewer calls abandoned
  • Greater customer contentment
  • In-time solutions offered for all issues round the clock
  • Increased quality of service
  • Expansion opportunities

If the business is having difficulty in retaining the present customer base and not getting new customers, the precious time and endeavour should be channelized by outsourcing the customer service which is an indispensable part of a business set-up.

Over few years, the call centres have experienced a profound makeover by providing not-only voice-based services but incorporating customer interaction and sales as well. This even led to unmatchable profits and higher productivity for the organisation. Few reasons why outsourcing call centre is beneficial are:

  • Prediction of Call Volumes
  • Tailored to work in multiple channels
  • Better customer loyalty and database
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Less expenditure
  • Skilful cross- selling of products and services
  • Cohesive campaigns

Thus, it can be said that furnishing exceptional customer care is a significant factor which leads to the company’s success and any sort of customer interaction which is competent, timely and exceeding expectations certifies a happy customer, a steadfast and dedicated customer base and even attracts constructive recommendations leading to higher productivity overall.

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