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With a projected GDP of 7%, the Indian economy is considered one of the fastest all over the world. Apart from this, even the demographic dividend of the country will increase along with the increasing population. By 2026, the population of the country is expected to reach 1.4 billion and 83% of this increase is estimated to be in the age group of 15-59 years. 

There is an increasing need for harnessing the skills and knowledge of the increasing population and to look for ways that can effectively deploy and take advantage of the workforce in future. IT services are moving into innovation, advanced processes, and development of products which require specialized skills. The Indian ecosystem is required to go through a major transformation to ensure that the workforce is eligible to work on these advancements.

IT companies spend about 40% of the total expenditure of the company in the acquisition, up-skilling and retention process. The companies do understand the importance of investing in human capital and it is believed that huge success can be achieved by prioritizing and creating a road map for reforms to address the requirements of the industry. 

NASSCOM and NSDC (Nation Skill Development Council) has created an IT-ITeS SSC Council for the purpose of developing a workforce for IT and IT-enabled services sector. The first meeting of the council was held in April 2012. The goal of the council is to create a talent pipeline with industry-ready professionals by scaling the quality capacity and improving the employability at every level, leveraging technology along with our experience of skill development on large scale. 


  • Creating a sustainable talent pipeline with industry ready professionals
  • Improving employability at every level
  • Nurturing diversity and growth for stimulating economic activity which is relevant to the local ecosystem

ICCS can play an integral role in the process by working as a facilitator, enabler, subject matter expert, and aggregator and provide content for the development of specialization and foundation courses throughout industry verticals such as IT Services, BPO, Software Products, Engineering Services, etc.