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One sector which has been affected the most by the popularity of the digital world is retail. To stay at the top, every retail business is not only required to manage their physical stores but also their online store and deliver a personalized experience to the customers at every single touch point. 

Apart from a number of other things, retail businesses need an efficient network of supply and distribution to keep up with the demands and preferences of the customers. They also need to manage the anywhere-anytime delivery model to maintain their revenue and loyalty of the customers. ICCS can play an integral role in helping retail businesses achieve this business objective. 

We offer an extensive range of Retail BPO services, like sales support, digital marketing, logistics, help desk, product information management, inventory accounting, finance, answering services, data entry, order taking, billing support, and a number of other services to help retail industries keep up with the competition and offer the best of services to the customers. 

ICCS Advantage

  • Comprehensive service offerings- As one of the leading retail call center services provider in India, we offer end-to-end solutions for the retail industry. We offer customized solutions to our clients to help them achieve their business-specific goals. 
  • Customer-focused solutions- With years of experience in the domain, we understand the needs of modern consumers and lay a major emphasis on the same when designing solutions. The solutions ensure better customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to help a business grow on a consistent basis. 
  • Experienced workforce- We have a strong workforce of more than 5000 employees operating from multiple different locations. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have implemented internal quality measures to deliver the best to you and your customers. 

Over the years, our retail outsourcing services have helped several national and international businesses streamline their retail operations and achieve greater transparency. To know more about our retail BPO services, get in touch with us today!