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B2C Acquisition

Customer acquisition is an art that relies more upon the marketer's knack of building relationships with the targeted customers, rather than on infrastructure. At ICCS, we do not follow the typical telesales approach for telemarketing & lead generation. To be more precise, the inbound & outbound telesales projects for each client are regarded as a comprehensive process, which requires continuous participation of qualified personnel.

If you confide in ICCS with your marketing initiatives, you will hire for yourself a knowledgeable and experienced program manager, who will be responsible for structuring the entire marketing exercise, thereby ensuring proper and effective execution. At ICCS, we understand the significance of the initial contact with target audiences and hence, we have hired and trained people, who are solely responsible for sales calling. We do not mix general calling staff with marketing executives at any level. As your outsourcing partner, ICCS has the necessary resources and years of industry experience. We are committed to take over the task of telemarketing on your behalf to provide the necessary assistance towards building your brand.

The services as extended by ICCS towards B2C acquisition are:
•    Lead generation
•    Outbound sales
•    Inbound sales
•    Catalog sales
•    Installed base cross-sales/up-sales
•    Online shopping assistance
•    Subscription sales and renewals
•    Warranty/service contract extn. and renewals

B2B Acquisition

B2B acquisition is a process, which entails a number of planned steps, which together aims at acquiring business clients & contracts. A highly apt acquisition strategy, depending upon aggressive marketing, earning recognition, dedicated follow ups, gaining attention as well as maintaining contacts should be devised in order to enable the aforementioned. If you are a big company, serving a small region, managing the entire task in-house is possible. However, if the target area is vast & competition is fierce, perhaps you could use external help, as offered by business to business call centers. Outsourcing this task of telemarketing & lead generation along with support to a domestic call center, it will let you concentrate on core operational commitments and at the same time you will have a dedicated team looking after the telemarketing & lead generation task. ICCS has several years of experience in the domain and we offer to become your partner in executing the critical task of B2B acquisition in Delhi & neighboring regions. We as a B2B BPO can help you with:

•    Cold calling
•    Lead generation
•    Identifying suitable marketing platforms like relevant trade shows & exhibitions
•    Follow ups on enquiries as generated during various trade shows & exhibitions
•    Scheduling appointments & sending follow up mails
•    Undertaking market research to identify target prospects
•    Discussing association work possibilities with short listed target prospects
•    Sending proposals & other communication materials
•    Measuring effectiveness of the conducted B2B acquisition exercises
•    Understanding competition & approaches as adopted by other players

Customer Service

We offer fast and efficient call centers customer service when you require it!
Customer service is the backbone of every successful business organization. It is what builds as well as destroys a company’s image. Hence, good customer care service is important for your business to create a foothold in the market. Outsourcing the customer care service can be beneficial for your company as it will let you focus on your core business and enjoy the growth of your business. ICCS is one of the leading call centers that offer customer service to help business organizations in managing their customer care process without any hassle. We have trained professionals, who are capable of handling all the queries of your clients in real-time. We have an in-depth understanding of the technology as well as understand the important of customer support.
How call centers outsourcing will be beneficial for your organization?
We, at ICCS can support your business organization by taking care of your customer care service. We specialize in it and have a team of competent as well as experienced team. We will extend our help by:
Availability: We are available round the clock to ensure that none of your customer is left unanswered. We treat your customers as our own and look into every concern to ensure that they are completely satisfied with your service.
Proactive support: We have quality check managers, who keep an eye on the team to ensure that we are able to deliver what we have promised. In addition, they provide regular reports as well as advice on implementation of new approach in client servicing.
Save money and time: Outsourcing your customer support to call centers, you will be able to cut-down on the operational cost to a great extent. In addition, it will as well save a lot of time, which will otherwise be required in hiring and training human resource.
Partner with us and you will never regret on your decision!