5 Tips to Train Customers on New Product Updates

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 9th of January 2021

Customers are the be all and end all for any customer service company .All necessary decisions are made keeping in mind the customer centric approach .Itis of paramount importance that customers be aware of the products on offer and enable them to make appropriate choices. Call centre executives have a lot of work on hand for smooth introduction of the products features as well as catering to customer’s doubts and queries. BPO's are investing a lot towards requisite technology as well as training aspects to make this happen seamlessly with as little fuss as possible. A lot is at stake if the newly introduced features of the products are not presented properly .After all customers are the one deciding the potential future of the product .For customers to make informative choices they will be needing a few pointers from our end -

Customers need to be given some advance intimation of the upcoming products 

The effort to be made for the customers aware of the upcoming products .Customers are needed to be kept in loop about all the products on offer .This could be done via a host of mediums like email blasts ,pop- up's / notifications etc. around the time when upcoming products are to be launched .This practice is being followed extensively in call centers across the globe .The benefits are manifold for these methods .Customers are prepared in advance for the upcoming products and changes that are expected out of them .This can be done over the regular calls as well with customer consent to update them on any new updates and offerings underway .This helps in creating a niche and expectation for the product as well in advance

Focus on creating content and support 

Customers are needed to be taken through the updates in a systematic manner in tandem with the customers convenience .An effective campaign to enhance the offerings can make a world of difference by accimitalising the customers to the ideas .This can make customers much more comfortable with the impending new technologies .Demo's and notifications can be rolled out regularly for the customers benefits .Personalized product updates basis relevant content can do the trick .Rolling out new products is always an exciting proposition as it gives a chance to grow and create long lasting relationships .

Creating Training resources to facilitate the products on offer 

Training plays an important part in the creating content for any new products .The customer care executives need to be updated in such a manner so as to make the update crispier, informative, educative as well as easy on eyes. Eye catching pop- ups and welcoming notifications need to be honed properly .Relevant contents need to be worked on beforehand and with keeping in mind the core ideas for the updates.

Webinar based training sessions 

Some sort of in -person training is also warranted before on boarding the products .This is a technology driven world and in addition to the digital content and resources Call centre companies /BPO's should also offer some sort of In - person interaction based training to the customers .It ensures win - win for all as it is a great way to express the sentiment that we do care for our customers to the extent that they are ready to go to great lengths to familiarize them with the upcoming products .That we really value their time ,effort and investment in the product .The live training webinar sessions which entails taking the customers through the new features and catering to any doubts and questions .Top notch BPO's / call centers in India are focusing more and more on this recently to the advantage of all involved

Ensuring to run through the customer accounts and getting ready beforehand for customer queries.

Customer care executives are required to go through the customers’ accounts in -depth as there always will be some amount of uncertainty around the products that are to be launched. Call centre executives need to be prepared thoroughly to be addressed variety of questions by the customers .Which is only natural given that the new product range can be a lot different from the one earlier sold .The CSE should have a thorough run through the customer accounts before taking up potential questions .It is always a good idea to be prepared beforehand .The last thing a call center / BPO / CSE would want is to have a frustrated customer at hand , non-satisfied with the newly launched product before it is even given a chance. A small thing like quickly calling up a customer or sending an Email asking customers opinion on the new features of the product.

Customers when better prepared to receive the new products on offer can make a whole lot of difference to the ultimate fate of the product .The idea is that customers are better equipped to receive the products .Few basic pointers have to be kept in mind though primarily that we leave no stone unturned in presenting the products as well as ensuring that customers have a fair idea what to expect and catering to any impending doubts .Which can only happen when we are hands on with the intricacies of the products . The above discussed pointers can ensure a smooth introduction of the product and subsequently can be a catalyst in the benefit of all around .What we focus on is Win - Win for all parties involved. Call centres / BPO's are focusing more and more on this arena to the advantage of all

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