Why Is Market Research Company Imperative to Business?

Posted by ICCS-BPO on Friday 12th of April 2019

In a world of cutting-edge innovations, it becomes invariable for companies to carry out research surveys in the market. Market research is crucial a vital tool in understanding business growth rates, sales & the latest product developments. This helps to set achievable targets, make well informed market decisions & develop effective strategies. Research of the current market trends & for using it to your advantage is crucial in reaching out to the target audiences.

Decision making is the ultimate challenge a company faces. Business research leads to certain strategies or the company decisions. A good business man knows the importance of an elaborate research of the market. What does an extensive market research reveal?:

  • Competitor’s product & services: there are multiple competitors in the market. To know the presence of one or more competitors & the knowledge of their products & services is of great advantage before launching your own business products. This helps in analysing the pros & cons of your own products
  • Marketing strategies: learning what the other businesses are doing for their endorsements & publicity, you can formulate your advertising scope. Financial & physical efforts can be decided, once you are aware about the target, you can formulate your goals as well
  • Target audience: researching about the same products is an extremely important issue, for knowing the target audience. The target audience is the population which uses the product maximally. Therefore to know this, the research will reveal about where will be the maximum consumption of the product.

Marketing research is of utmost crucial to sustain a business in today’s world. It helps in gathering data for product or service development. Marketing research requires a very specific data in a limited time span, so many companies are choosing to outsource. Marketing research outsourcing helps to overcome time & pressure of the potential market. As a result, companies are outsourcing this, in form of, call centres. This enhances customer responsiveness & lowers the costs of a survey. BPO in India   or business process outsourcing in India is a type of outsourcing strategy, where in call centres in India are given contract of responsibilities for researching purposes.

Call centre services in India offer a wide scope of market resource material.  Call centers in Delhi have placed a cost-effective solution for researching the market. They have a dedicated team of call centres representatives who are working to cater these services for the public. These reps are expert in not only resolving client issues but also being proactive in understanding the forthcoming issues that a customer may have. They collect surveys in in-order to be aware about the current scenario of the market. An exclusive marketing research call centre will have the following qualities:

  • Excellent explanation of their products
  • Extensive knowledge of their existing products
  • Initiating appropriate market strategy
  • Offering 24X7 non- stop telephonic assistance
  • Time to time software upgradations
  • Provide referrals
  • Exclusive industry insight

A good call center support service will ensure that all this is being delivered to a client irrespective of the location of a customer. The client is provided with technical support, e-mail management, live chat support, mobile & SMS- text support. Researching the market has its own advantages in terms of:

  • Objectivity of the view point of a third party & ensuring the integrity of the investigative process
  • Having an up to date knowledge of the advanced technology of market & updated software
  • Utilizing the resources to the maximum for a maximized performance & minimizing costs. Increasing market responsiveness at the same time
  • Hiring an agency allows to speed up the volume of surveys for a more accurate data. Better data leads to better decisions & ultimately to better business
  • Collaboration with a good research team will speed up the responses of the reports. There will be a quick reaction to upgrade business tactics.

Call centres have been specialised in outbound sales call. The outbound sales is a branch of the company’s tele reps who make calls to leads through list for previously demonstrated products or by engaging with a brands content; for example filling out a survey form , emailing a business or making a previous call to a business.

An outbound call is self-initiated by the business, on behalf of the company. They are typical calls including telemarketing, sales or even fundraising calls for surveys & verification purposes. These calls can sometimes be extremely intriguing & detailed. When a telecaller calls on behalf of the company, he is trying to project a positive image of the company by focussing on what the company has to offer & not what the client expects. It is therefore the responsibility of the sales team to correctly guide the questions of a sales representative. Every call centre service yearns for maximum market cognisance & information. So, how do you make a good outbound sales call for increasing the reputation of your call centre? Here are some tips to do that:

  • While talking to your client be confident & maintain a neutral tone
  • Be completely aware of the offers, discounts & services which the company has to offer
  • Listen to the customers. In this conversation, the client may pin out flaws of some other companies & their positive & negative experiences
  • Do not assume, let the client confide
  • Prepare yourself for  possible adverse questions about the products & objections

The outbound representatives are constantly in search of new leads, contacts & nurturing the contacted lists. This helps to motivate the unmotivated buyer & inform the users about the new technology available in the market. It makes the consumer market more aggressive in taking their decisions. Researching the market prior to launching a product allows a wider scope of networking. However, whenever a consumer is in dilemma about the usability of a product or a brand, the outbound services are definitely a helping hand. Advertising of a brand solely depends on the evaluation of the brand after rigorous research of the market. It is conducted on behalf of the clients in assisting a firm grasp on the market immediately after a launch. Telephonic conversation is the most effective & efficient way to know the market depth & it offers valuable information about current status.

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