Average Wait Time (AWT) in BPO Industry

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 13th of June 2020

Call center outsourcing companies offer services to the client and their customers. Average wait time is a common term used in call centre industry to signify the time lapsed between call connecting to IVR and connecting to associates.

Valuing the time and emotions of a customer can only be measured with a responsive attitude of the call center executive to answer the call of the customer by managing the rate of Average Waiting Time (AWT)

Understand Average Wait Time:

In order to match the requirements of customer, BPO outsourcing companies practice hard to regulate the ins and outs of calls in a call center to increase the level of customer satisfaction score, which is only possible when the customer will have astounding experience over the phone call by getting in touch with the call center executive.  The standards may vary on the basis of various protocols, responsible for the delay in handling the call on short note.

The standards have been measured as per the customer satisfaction rate and speed of answering the call- getting in contact with the executive or to receive a call back from them, following the IVR system integration in the call center organization. It is followed aa per Service Level Agreement decided by client.

Delay in call answering can lead to increase in call abandonment rate which is not good for effectively  managing the call center metrics.

The average wait time (AWT) can be calculated by the following formula:

Average Waiting Time = ( Total Time Customers Wait in Call Queue /  Total Number of Calls Answered)


Reducing Average Wait Time (AWT):

Delaying the response to contact the customer over  phone call can result in the deflation of business.

Below are ways usually incorporated by the call center companies to reduce the average wait time for making the flow of call center services swift and agile.

GGuide Callers Through IVR Technology:

BPO outsourcing companies hold the record for bringing in the new technologies in their business structure to uplift the customer experience.One of such boosting technology is IVR i.e; Interactive Voice Response.

Outsourcing firms can help in reducing the average wait time by guiding the customers over the phone call through IVR for approaching the correct gateway rather than wasting their time.

The IVR technology directs the customer from choosing the preferred language type to problem type that helps in distributing the customer amid the dedicated call center agents for solving the related queries.

Monitoring Call Center Metrics:

Call handling time along with call waiting time can help the managers in rating their employees for the future project-related opportunities.

Apart from these metrics, the outsourcing companies can use the features like call conferencing, call recording, automatic call distributor, predictive dialler and various other mediums to reduce the wait time of the customer to a minimum as per the required business type.

Tools and Agents:

Call center outsourcing companies are known to equip the employees with the latest set of technologies and tools at a regular interval.

BPO outsourcing firms make a judicious investment in stores and also train their agents over the same for extracting the maximum output by solving the customer's query in minimal possible time through these channels.

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