Important Tips for Outbound Call Centers to Handle Calls

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 21st of August 2018

Outbound calling can be really a tough job. The call recipient and callers need to have immense patience to listen to their client queries coming from the other end and thus communicate with them understanding their needs. They are in charge of addressing all concerns with care and equal importance so that the customer feels satisfied and does not get irritated. Outbound calls are therefore a strong sales tool and professionalism in this regard is the key to success.

For a customer, call center support services act as the only point of contact between them and the company. Often for them, the callers serve as the face of the company. If they receive positive interaction from the callers, they are more likely to turn into loyal customers. Therefore, a positive interaction can stretch the relation between company and customer for a longer time. It can also contribute to increased brand awareness for the company.

Therefore, it is necessary for companies to maintain a responsible outbound call center to answer the customer queries and resolve technical issues. If an outbound call center outsourcing is not sure what they ought to do in order to be on the right track, here is a guideline that will help them out. 

Start each call as if it's the first one

Callers need to be trained to drop out the baggage from the last call they had attended. Callers require to start afresh every time they attend a new call. An Outbound sales call center needs to remember that any call can turn into their next big customer. So, they will always have to be prepared and put forth their best efforts in the call.

Being professional

Every bpo in India should maintain the standard of professionalism throughout the overall conversation. They act as the face of the company and hence they require proper training and constant monitoring in order to ensure they follow all necessary rules and regulations. Corporate values and goals should be inculcated in them as if it is a part of their own behaviour.

Respecting customers 

Call centers in India should never compromise where their customers are concerned. They should treat them with utmost respect throughout every interaction. Some call centers in Delhi have advised their agents to remain calm and composed and as act wisely as possible. They should learn to value each customer and make them feel as if they are the most valued ones. Agents also need to understand the customer needs and make necessary efforts to arrange them as far as practicable. They should respond with compassion to all customer problems.

Honesty is a must

All call center services should instruct their agents to be honest with the customers. They should never lie, guess and make up an answer. If they feel they would not be competent enough to solve the needs, they should take the time to gently explain to the customer that they would transfer the call to a more knowledgeable and competent person. In this way, customers will not take offense of their service and would be willing to cooperate.

Handling cold calls

When making a call-in call center outbound, the callers need to have a clear plan and know which route they want to follow. If they know why they are calling and how to make the reason of their call compelling for the listener, they are going to be sound confident. The more clearly their personality comes across the more quickly the person on the other side of the phone is going to get influenced.

Callers should be relaxed and behave in a friendly way with the customers. They should have their opening lines and important messages practiced thoroughly.

Dealing with furious customers

At times callers or agents may find irate or very angry customers spatting over the call. But callers will have to talk slowly and calmly to them. If they are willing to acknowledge what the customer is saying, they will soon be able to bring down the customer's speech.  Making notes why the customer has become irate and then addressing them one by one will turn the call into a positive one. It may not work always but to some extent, this procedure will be helpful.

Training to manage sells

One important area of call center services in India is training their agents in outbound sales. The agents will have to be well aware of the minute details of the products and services they intend to sell. They will have to learn to sell the advantages of the products and services and not only focus on the features. This will ignite the interest of the customer and they would find it difficult to say no. Agents should always be assertive when closing a call and note down all necessary details in advance.

No blagging

Agents need to be prepared all the time and have a presence of mind to answer questions that you might not be trained with. If such a situation arrives they should not blag before the customer.  They should ask the customer for some time to let them check and get back to the issue. If they do not have any answer they should inform the customer that they will reconnect shortly with an answer or an expert will get back with proper solutions. Honesty is the best way to get out of the trouble rather than promising them something impractical.

Being flexible

Agents should be able to anticipate what's in store. They should be able to help the customers be prepared and change course whenever necessary. They should be flexible to understand issues and welcome changes accordingly. They should keep customers informed about the reason of change to avoid any further issues from them. 

Each and every call center services in India should all in all concentrate on providing quality services. Managers should regulate the call center etiquette and allocate sufficient funds to promote training programs. When all the employees, callers or agents will start obeying the guideline they concerned company will gain a comprehensive edge over the market.

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