Top 5 Upcoming Trends About BPO Services in India

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 29th of February 2020

In order to deliver successful BPO services, we need to understand the trends of BPO industry and incorporate them into their business processes. Technologies like artificial intelligence, chat bot and data analytics are making impact in BPO industry and their position will become stronger in current year.

1) Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI industry will reach $50 billion in 2020 and is working as the new driving force of BPO services.  Predictive analytics finds it’s roots in AI and it helps in collecting and analyzing data and predict trends, patterns and correlations to create intelligent software that learns from its data. Chatbots and call routing also uses artificial intelligence extensively.

Bots offer a range of advantages over human agents: they answer queries almost instantaneously and can handle multiple customers, 24*7 support. Virtual assistants handle simple routine queries, whereas agents manage more complex issues.

With use of artificial intelligence algorithms task has now been simplified and call is immediately directed to the right department/agent.

2) Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics are being used to boost key performance metrics and streamline the customer journey and convert it in customer delight. AI supported advanced analytical softwares are being used to analyze heaps of customer data and offer support agents more background on every query that they handle.

Businesses now a days use multiple channels to connect with customers, advanced analytics use this data for predicting customer behavior. It is also being used to gauge agent productivity.

3) Multi Channel Communication 

Multi-channel communication creates a seamless, consistent customer experience across multiple communication channels: chat, telephone, email or social media. Agents across all channels have access to customer’s earlier conversations. As a result, customers don’t need to explain their background to agents multiple times. It results in efficient follow-up and speedy resolution of issues.

4) Social Media

Social media platforms are immensely popular among customers as customers prefer posting their issues/feedback on social media. Social media allows for two-way communication. Incase customer has an unfavourable experience, then they do share it with a wider audience. Natural language processing (NLP) is used to analyze customer conversations and respond queries efficiently.

5) Cloud Facilitation

Cloud solutions allow organizations to add multiple touchpoints to their workflows and deliver a consistent experience across the entire spectrum. Cloud models offer a range of collaboration tools that allow agents to work remotely and access real-time analytics. BPO industry is employing more hybrid cloud solutions in the near future.  

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