In a digital age, why do live voice contacts matter even more in providing a high- quality customer experience

Posted by iccs on Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Since the impact of COVID-19, the crisis has led to a massive boom in digitization, with the world becoming more tech-savvy and revolutionizing entire company processes, as well as increasing the dependency on technology. As a result, in the truest sense, digitization is enhancing the value of enterprises all over the globe. Customer behavior has been significantly impacted by the increasing digital disruption. Purchases are becoming more digital than in-person, expenditure is slowing and decreasing across most industries, and security has been a primary consideration for both businesses and consumers.

Evolution with Technology
With the growth of the omnichannel center, organizations now see the role as a chance to provide strategic, experience-oriented customer service rather than a cost driver. Identifying consumers' motives for initiating communication has become a critical analytics use case for practically any BPO business, with customers engaging via SMS, websites, chats, and social media.
With a greater emphasis on the consumer, businesses are developing with the customer voice. It estimates that these interactions account for the vast majority of the incoming volume and predicts that they aren't going away anytime soon. Because of the inability to evaluate speech interactions, it is difficult to realize the full potential of digital investments and analytics in driving significant customer-service advancements.
Natural-language processing skills, along with sector expertise, are helping firms enhance quality, efficiency, and customer experience as digital tools advance. Speech data provides consumer insights that are simply not available from other sources, assisting in the identification of the root causes of customer unhappiness and identifying possibilities to enhance compliance, operational efficiency, and agent effectiveness.
The bottom line includes cost savings, customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. Companies that do not use this information risk slipping behind their competitors as voice analysis becomes a standard expectation in contact centres.

The prospect of enhanced classification and recognition
Because of the limitations in collecting and comprehending speech data, improving BPO efficiency along with creating hurdles for other firms is difficult. These problems can take numerous forms, but speech analytics is commonly used to provide a solution. Speech analytics assisted the business in identifying each agent's strong and weak points, allowing the corporation to minimize application performance by giving each agent a more tailored training prescription.

 In some cases, the core concerns are relatively straightforward. Professional and customer voices were recorded on a single line due to restrictions in processing techniques and voice quality, making separation impossible. The transition from mono to stereo recording aided in speaker identification, thereby unlocking the content contained inside the recorded conversations.

AI advancements provide better voice recognition 

With the emergence of new age technologies, it is now possible to address issues about the extraction and use of data, particularly unstructured voice data.

The most recent techniques to automated voice recognition employ neural-network language models that take into account more data, resulting in more accurate notations. Certain analytics suppliers have enhanced their solutions with new features such as automatic data concealing and security. Depending on a company's infrastructure and data-hosting plan, these solutions may include choices for on-premises or cloud implementation. Nonetheless, a few problems remain. Companies may overcome them with a few basic tactics if they are informed, prepare well, and intervene as needed.

Natural Language Processing and Analytics 

Speech-analytics applications may provide an infinite number of use situations, ranging from sales to operational excellence, and can be customized to individual sectors. Our collection of conventional, non- exhaustive cross-industry application cases is as follows.
● Expand Dataset Coverage
● KPIs should be monitored.
● Explore Hidden Inefficiency by accelerating time
● Improve client experience with personalized training
● Improve lead generation

ICCS paving the way for high-quality customer experience

Voice contact technology is changing, as seen by greater cost efficiency and a decrease in errors associated with user experience. While it has been available for more than a decade, new age technology improvements in voice analytics have transformed it into a very effective tool. If the business is disrupted, VA is a tool that helps the firm towards growth. Many firms are debating how to promote innovations that will keep them competitive.
ICCS is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm that offers cutting-edge technology. They assist firms in remaining viable by giving external assistance to their staff. ICCS capitalizes on efficient cost savings and adaptability, as well as process excellence, to create bespoke solutions that allow clients to meet needs. The utilization of technology to work in real time is the most intriguing aspect of ICCS. However, this provides employees and their management with up-to-date data as needed for a high quality customer experience. In a nutshell, new technologies that assist every system are binding and expanding companies' growth prospects.

In a digital age, why do live voice contacts matter even more in providing a high- quality customer experience

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