Upgrading Business Virtues via Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 5th of June 2020

To create brand value & loyal customer base, organizations are using inbound and outbound call centers to deliver the satisfactory resolution to the customer using several communication channels like phone call, email, social media, fax, chat bot etc.

Outsourcing means leasing out your business services to another party, so business tasks are carried out at a remote location. Basic reason for outsourcing call center services to the service provider is to avoid the hassles of running an in-house call center & instead focusing on product.

An outbound call center can help the organization by letting them focus on carrying out the activities related to logistics & shipping, packaging and various other factors, while, call center team can focus solely on addressing the issues of customers and practice telemarketing for convincing them to buy product and services.

Outsourcing gives a sense of relief to business owners, as the agents there are trained in comparison to in-house agents, for carrying out customer service task swiftly. Outsourcing services to the service provider can make a win-win situation for business organizations to explore more of the virtues.

Benefits of outsourcing


Advanced Technology and Infrastructure:

Advanced tools like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots can cause a usual break in terms of monetary flow for your organization, which is not viable in the long run. Hence, outsourcing the essentials of outbound call centers to third party resources can help in mitigating the extra cost.

Third-party takes care of both human & technical resources as well as infrastructure that can mitigate the effort of their employees as well as the parent business owner.

24/7 Customer Service Round the Globe:

Setting up an in-house call center with the intention to offer round the clock services is not sufficient enough. Engaging customers for business purposes can be from anywhere around the globe, it can be either from an eastern country or western country.

Outsourcing call center services to India can bolster in managing the call center with its flexible time zone difference deliveries, compatible for the employees as well as the customer.

Outsourcing agents are trained well enough to deal with the customer in various languages just apart English and Hindi, they can even accommodate the services in regional language as per the project type.

Outbound Call Center Services:

Acquiring call center services doesn't mean, it just have to deal with getting in conversation with the customer over the phone call regarding the product complexities or support from the executive. The inbound and outbound call center services differ in a highly good manner.

Here, the inbound deals with calls made from the end of customer to outbound, where call is made from the end of executive, with the purpose to propagate the business virtues for yearly sales and enhancing ROI.

Busting the myth, the outbound call center services doesn't only deal with telemarketing services over the phone call. Rather, the outbound call centers can include services like order taking, customer support, lead generation services, third-party verification, appointment setting, fund raising and many more.

The adding up of outbound call center services through third party resource can help in changing the fortune of business and its related opportunities.

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