Ways Start-ups can Progress with Call Center Technology

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 13th of December 2019

In today’s era, a business attains success when it pays attention on immediate response and timely results to customer queries/complaints. Customer satisfaction is very important to maintain your business & brand image and thus, any threat to customer experience can be challenging for the company.

Customers want 24 hour call center services so that resolving complaints is easy anytime. Moreover, customers also want a reduced hold time for calls, as nobody wishes to wait for hours to connect to call center agent to solve an issue.

Start-ups need to keep some small factors in mind to attain success in the future. Many times companies struggle solving customer queries on time, which may lead to the customer ending up having a negative impression of the business services.

To solve this, expert agents need to look after the customer support task, as they know how to handle customers to strengthen the brand image. This is why small businesses are advised to turn to new call center technologies to attain customer satisfaction and bring progress in business efficiency.

Handling all the calls in-house can be very hectic and even demands a huge team to take care of the consecutive calls coming in.

Outsourcing the call center services to an experienced BPO partner can help attain success as experts have the market experience to handle customers efficiently. They also know the major pain points and ways to tackle adverse situations.

Many companies feel there is no need to have a call center technology at work to improve business functions and here we have some answers that define the significance of call center services for a business’s success:

How will a call center help my start-up?

This is the most commonly asked question that every business initially enquires. Well, outsourcing to a 24 hour call center, start-ups help their business become available to the customers 24X7. This increases the possibility of reaching out to a large audience and even increases business productivity.

Moreover, when an experienced partner is available at service, the business has many added advantages. Like the in-house experts are free to focus on strategies for business development, outsourcing the start-up functions saves expenses on hiring and training, early time-to-market is assured, expert agents have the experience of dealing multiple clients with the same efficiency and thus your business gains customer satisfaction too.

Every business looks for the best for its customers and outsourcing to a call center, you assure on time and adequate service to them. Additionally, outsourcing allows newly emerging companies to work with experienced agents and bring positive changes in business strategies and functions as per the market requirement.

What services to outsource?

Start-ups are emerging businesses that do not have much in-depth knowledge about the services to offer and they are even not aware of the competition they may face in the market. New companies are also puzzled over which service to outsource!

Well, call centers deal with two major services- Customer service and Sales. Businesses that have to deal with huge customer queries and sales alignment can outsource this process to save the in-house experts for other core operations.

Small businesses know how important it is to maintain customer satisfaction and improve business sales and thus outsourcing to an experienced team is a safe option to enhance progress.

The best part is a team of experts performs your business function without exceeding the business expense on hiring and training, as in-house business development requires.

Is it possible to set up a call center infrastructure at home?

It is fair to save business expense by setting the call center infrastructure at the home itself, but it is not a simple task. If you think you will have your start-up business get its call center established from the home itself, there are many equipments and other essentials required for the same.

What is the biggest reason for a start-up to outsource to a call center?

Call centers function to be the main point of contact for business. Every business needs an agent who can receive customer calls regarding any query and solve the issue as soon as possible. It gives the customer a sense of reliability on the business functions.

The outsourced call center agents have full knowledge of your business offerings and they try to solve your customers’ distress as soon as possible helping them regain interest and trust in your business services.

Without a call center agent at work, customer’s may find your business fake when there is nobody to answer their queries. This is why finding the correct call center agent is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately attain business success.

Check out the factors to keep in mind:

• A space for the call center practices. You need a space that has to be away from the regular traffic so that agents dealing with customer queries do not face any hindrance. Moreover, make sure this space is away from the children’s room so that there is no possibility of noise.

• Thinking to establish your own call center company, you need to have electricity and internet connection to make your firm a 24 hour call center, so that your business service is available to the customers whenever searched.

• You need to ensure that phone systems and headsets are available for use too. These may be expensive but are essential. Since call centers have a lot to contribute to your business progress, you need to bear some expenses if you want 24 hour call center in-house.

• Make sure that all the computers at work have a separate account for agents and personal users so that there is no threat to business data.

• Invest in durable and comfortable furniture and lighting. Since call center task is monotonous, it demands safe and comfortable sitting and relaxing places for the agents.

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