5 Outsourcing Inbound Customer Service

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 7th of February 2020

Outsourcing customer support is the usual way to run business to enhance productivity, efficiency, and to boost revenue.

By outsourcing to experienced agents business gains customer loyalty with enriched services round the clock. An experienced agent knows the appropriate ways to influence the customers positively and it results in enhancement of business brand image with higher possibilities of attaining success. Processes run smoothly for both the customers and the business and this approach brings better performance.

Now a days people prefer managing core functions in-house and outsource the non-core functions like customer support, payroll services, HR functionalities, etc. If a business is service-oriented, it knows the importance of inbound and outbound call support.

Call center outsourcing has gained attention over time as it offers various advantages and helps small businesses grow and is being taken seriously by all service-oriented companies.

Positive customer experience:

Word-of-mouth advertising is not enough and customers need a positive response on every query/complaint as soon as possible. Both inbound and outbound call center services can be outsourced. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and an outsourced experienced partner can help the business in achieving it better.

An in-efficient call center may land the business into trouble. Therefore, it is preferable to outsource to an experienced partner so that business processes run smoothly. Professionals need to represent the business positively before the customers to enhance their experience.

Call volumes management:

Companies whether small or big, face loss in business services at the time when the call volume suddenly increases, due to not having multiple agents to handle all the calls.

Well, this is where outsourcing helps:

Outsourced agents have the experience of handling multiple calls without hampering customer satisfaction. This is why they help to avoid call abandonment at the time of high call volumes along with abolishing high hold times that result in dissatisfied customers.

Outsourced partner makes the business service available to the audience 24X7, which enhances outputs, boosting customer experience and resulting in a higher customer retention rate.

In-house expertise can be multi utilized:

By hiring an external partner, customer support is no more an issue for business. In-house agents become free to focus on business strategies for overall development as an external partner looks after the call handling processes efficiently.

Attrition & training management:

Outsourced partner manages entire hiring and training tasks making the business free to focus on other necessary functions. Hiring and training takes a lot of time and money and thus, outsourcing saves expenses for the business.

Increase in business outreach:

Outsourced partner has agents who have worked for other companies offering similar services and thus they can help the business to reach new customers. Most companies cannot offer the same service, as they do not run a 24-hour operation.

These are the reasons why most of the companies prefer outsourcing as they find handing over the services to an external partner better and more efficient.

5 Outsourcing Inbound Customer Service.

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