5 Impact of IVR Systems in Customer Service

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 7th of March 2020

IVR or interactive voice response is one of the best technologies that helps in running customer service efficiently. It becomes a customer’s choice if customer wants to connect with a call centre employee or wants to look up information himself by following IVR. Further customer’s also get routed to right person with suitable skill set and that in turn not only helps customer get immediate resolution but also results in completion of calls more quickly. Below mentioned are ways IVR can provide great customer service in your organisation.

Immediate call routing

IVR allows customer to bypass non required menu options and allows them to either verbally share their response or enter response using keypad so that they are routed quickly to the correct associate with specified skill set to handle customer query.

Visual Interactive Voice Response

Visual IVR allows customers to tap their way through menus. With visual IVR, customers can quickly get into an agent queue, and such systems also support speech recognition and text-to-speech in various languages.

Time Saving

IVR system is a timesaver for both agents and customers. The system may help customers self-serve in case of simple requests. This means that customer won’t have to wait in line to speak with an agent for getting a quick resolution. Agents may be aligned with customers with difficult requests. Hence more employees will be free to take these calls when IVR steps in to handle the easier tasks.

Brand Accessibility

In case of non-availability of agents in off hours, IVR can greatly increase hours of availability. Few requests may easily get resolution through self-service and in off hours IVR system is ideal as it helps not only resolve easy queries but also record customer responses.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback should always be recorded immediately following a call. Though customers might not feel comfortable giving feedback directly to the agent and sending a survey on another channel is not the most efficient way to earn their participation. After a service interaction has been completed on the voice channel, then customer can be provided with the option of answering a brief survey powered by an IVR system. This ensures customers can express their honest opinions easily on the very same channel of contact.

IVR is a mandatory tool for driving great customer service on the voice channel. It is perfect for meeting customer requirements.

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