Importance of BGV in BPO industry

Posted by ICCS BPO on Monday 19th of February 2018

What is BGV? BGV stands for “Background verification”. Background verification or investigation of past records of the to-be-employees of the organization have taken an important role in this era. Background verification process is an integral part of the recruitment process these days and is common in all kinds of industries including BPO outsourcing industries present across the countries.

Why BGV Is Important under BPO Industry?

The primary objective of Background verification of the employees is to gain some vital information about the employees. In India BGV is totally legal and is becoming almost mandatory to perform before the organization decides to hire the people.

The reason being, there has been an increase in the cases of falsified certificates or educational degrees by the employees lately. Government of India is just trying to mitigate those risks of hiring employees based on false credentials. The proper background check also assures the safety of the would-be-employees of the BPO services providers.

BPO service providers take up the matter of background investigation called as BGV in today’s world way too seriously, because of the following reasons:

  • To Stop Fraudulent Activities: Scams and phishing activities have shored up off late in India as well as in other countries. People are blaming the Indian BPO Service Providers for that. So, to ensure they are not blamed further BPO Outsourcing companies are giving a lot of importance to the verification process of the to-be-employees.
  • Past Experience: Many a times in the past the BPO industry has seen fraudulent claims regarding the important credentials of the employees. Mainly because the BPO Service Providers in India rushed to hire in bulk to start different projects that are outsourced to them, failing to scan the submitted documents by the employees to them. As a result, they faced a lot of criticism when the reality of those employees was exposed. And people blamed the recruiting body of the organizations to not take up their job seriously. To avoid those blames, in current time, the BPO service providers in India and other regions of India like Delhi/NCR are taking up the task of BGV way too seriously.
  • Check Capabilities: As we all know that BPO service providers in India need people who can handle stress and long hours of work continuously and that too (most of the time) during the night shift. So, checking the medical history of the employees-to-be is totally justifiable and needed.
  • Higher Productivity: A proper knowledge provides an upper hand to the employees who are in charge of executing vital tasks. Like, managers or team leads of the BPO Outsourcing industry would need to perform several kinds of works and that would need some qualifications. A proper background check would ensure that the hired employees have the potential to drive sales in the BPO services sector also to increase productivity eventually.
  • Less Attrition: BPO Services require patience and certain other skills to continue working in the BPO Outsourcing segment. If skilled employees are hired after a thorough scrutiny of their background, then it is less likely that those employees would leave the job or would have a chance to be thrown out of the organization.

Records that are checked under BGV process:

It has almost become a norm or unsaid rule to go through the credentials of the would-be-employees of the organization. These credentials include the following:

  • Checking Criminal Records: It is important to check whether the potential employee was involved in any kind of violence in the past or not.
  • Educational Background Check: This step involves verification of the educational degrees held by the would-be-employees to see the claims made by them regarding their educational qualification are correct or not!
  • Pre-Employment Records: Why the employee has left his/her previous job is an important concern for the current organization. Because that would tell a lot about the employee. The current employee can also know about the previous salary that used to be credited in the potential employee’s account and that information also helps to negotiate the salaries better.
  • Medical Reports:  It is important for the recruiting firm to check whether the employees they are planning to take on-board are of sound mental and physical health or not, to see whether they would be able to handle stress and work pressure or not.
  • Address: Verification of the address is also important for the employers. They would probably inquire from the neighbours where the potential employees stay about the nature of the employee-to-be. A valid address is thus an important component when it comes to background verification.
  • Check on Social Media Accounts: These days a new way to check upon a potential employee’s character is to check his or her social media accounts that reflect their social activities. This can indicate what kind of a person is the would-be-employee.
  • Financial History: This would give information regarding the credit history and tax payment history of the potential employees. This is an indicator of ethical values maintained by the employees.
  • License: At times the driving license of the potential employees is also verified by the employers. This is done to ensure that no accident related issues or traffic rule breaking issues has been there or not. This can indicate the discipline maintained by the employees-to-be.
  • Citizenship: The current status of citizenship is also very important when the question of hiring comes in the picture.

So, basically a proper scanning of various documents submitted by the potential employees give the recruiting organizations to have all the required and vital information about the employee to be hired like address proof, educational degrees, medical information etc.

Hope, this article has enlisted all the important points regarding the BGV in BPO Industry and also in general. If you think something is amiss and can be added up to the above list of importance of BGV in BPO service providers in India and Delhi region falling under the BPO Outsourcing Industry, then do not forget to tell us about the same!

Importance of BGV in BPO industry

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