How to use customer testimonials for marketing the business?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Thursday 8th of October 2020

The BPO industry in India is one of the most promising one. It has emerged in a big way in the past decade and has spread all over globally in a short span of time . Outsourcing customer services to India is a given trend now .It has also trended as the most employment generating and lucrative industry for the youth .Outsourcing customer services to India has been a very promising preposition globally.

Customers are at the core of the BPO industry .As the industry aims at all round satisfaction and the growth and further propagation of business depends on the customer satisfaction hence the main idea remains to go all the way for customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers indicate a job well done and that is what ultimately matters in any industry and more so in BPO industry which though around for quite some time needs to find its feet .What with all the stiff competition around ultimately it's the customer who has the final say .Word of mouth and C- SAT are at the core of things .With parent businesses taking customer satisfaction very seriously itself says a lot about the same.

Top BPO's in India definitely follow the mantra of customer satisfaction. Customers are at the thick of things and are the core of any business .One can safely say that they are the soul of any BPO. So one can safely say that customer testimonials or recommendations are what can make or break a business. They are the greatest influencers for any business. In today's fast paced ever changing world the traditional marketing strategies are losing their hold.

More and more businesses are focused on latest customer inclinations .As customers generally prefer non interruptive, non-committal, or communication without selling marketing methods, the customer testimonials when used strategically can be a real booster in marketing strategy .It’s like saying everything without uttering any syllable.

Now the big question arises how to use customer testimonials for marketing the business effectively .It’s the exercise in trust building .After All trust is the foundation on which any sound business builds up .The big question remains how to use the customer  testimonials for generating more and more business.

Some of the strategies for leveraging customer testimonials in the marketing strategy for enhancing business are:

·       Word of mouth recommendations can act as a big booster for marketing any business. A satisfied customer can act as a marketer for a business .Without shelling out any money we can get good marketing via these word of mouth recommendations .In surveys of Top ten BPO's the highlight has been the customer satisfaction and subsequent recommendations of the services .One can't hope to stay on in business if this basic prerequisite is not met..

·       Visual tips can be a big outcome from the customer testimonials and can help in enhancing the businesses .The highly satisfied customers can be the face of marketing for the company .After All everyone loves a satisfied customer .It has mass appeal and enormous benefits in marketing .And while we are at it they can be made more authentic by making them more trustworthy .Real time case studies and authentic customer reviews along with the customer details can be a real deal cincher. It highlights the authenticity of all the customer claims and testimonials .Social media pages highlights. Social media has already emerged a winner in marketing businesses .They are definitely changing the marketing game as well as have taken over the traditional marketing strategies .The customer testimonials can be displayed on the company's social media pages for mass impact .As testimonials are usually short quotes and can be displayed attractively on twitter, Facebook ,Instagram etc. .Social media has far reaching impact .Displaying testimonials on them can be a winner through and through .

·       Customer testimonials when used as case study can be an effective marketing tool .These case studies can be presented for a specific customer base via demographic  segregation .What went right in the entire episode can be a big boost to the marketing .Call center services companies regularly publish case studies as a strategy in training their workforce and showcasing the performance .Best BPO companies in India swear by showcasing customer testimonials on various platforms as marketing strategy .

·       Customer testimonials can be the start of a demand for a product even before a customer needs it .More often than not the raving reviews in the media etc. catch the potential customer's attention and does all the trick without even consciously making an effort .

·       The biggest tip could be delivering customer satisfaction via rapport building, trust and fair practices .This itself manifests in huge customer testimonials. How a company can use them strategically to enhance and propagate business opportunities is the biggest deal maker.

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