Quality and Customer Service Attitude

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

In a growing economy like today, the employment and growth opportunities are rising at a steadfast pace. The prices are soaring high and off lately the desires and luxuries are becoming a part of life and people are working together for a smoother life. For this people have started working early as they are well paid as compared to other fields and are not required to have any professional training or backing as well Transitioning the process to India meant less cost incurred, more productivity, economical as the labour costs are cheap, the quality is maintained and so the advent of call centres in India has paved the way for numerous opportunities for people of all age groups and it is a pioneering lead in itself. The amazing as well as the masterminded development of the call centres has encompassed way beyond their initial set-ups in the fiscal and transmission zones and has baffled the basic qualms.

The transition of call centres started with their base at Delhi from where it started expanding to all parts of India. Delhi, being the capital was the first point of focus and gained momentum as people from all parts of the country came and started working and settling down there and gradually the growth started at an inevitable pace. There are a plethora of call centres in Delhi. Most of these are situated far off and are provided with pickups and drops for the employees as the employees are required to work at the wee hours and against the body clock. 

A call centre is a central point which is used for obtaining and even communicating a large bulk of data by the access of phones. This works as a pivotal focus for consolidated management of personal communication, comprising of letters, faxing documents, offer support through live support software, social networking, rapid messaging and emails.

After having an insight of the call centres and reasons for the shift to India, it would be interesting to know what call centre services in India comprise of. The call centre service in India deals with all types of services that can be offered by a call centre, could be for recovery, sales, marketing, after sales support etc. are all voice-based operations, divided under two heads:

  • Outbound call centre –This is managed by a company and offers services like reaching out to the clients by emails or chatting interfaces and it is specifically for those clients whom we are unable to offer service or one where a call back is needed, and even where the emails are left unattended and is done to communicate any special guidelines, proposals, bids, notices, etc.
  • Inbound call Centre- This refers to a division where calls are received by the agents to help a customer obtain the required information, and even ask for support and assistance, for the products or services used by them. They are more frequently termed as Customer service or support and the agents need to be sympathetic and attentive to the consumers.

The above mentioned are the services that are directly offered from the comfort of a call centre. Yet there are other services which are required by a call centre to function smoothly and they are known as the call centre support services. These could be on the technical front and back office operations. The BPO services commonly referred as the back office operations along with finance and accounting operations and are crucial for the execution of daily activities with adept specialists so that the whole focus can be diverted to the main business activities.

Technical support, on the other hand, is vital for the smooth operations of all the devices that are used in the call centres, all software and hardware issues, networking, programming etc. It can be also said that call centre support services serve as a backbone without which the call centres cannot operate.

The call centre services administer the help desks, which cater to all the technical queries raised at the customer end and even provide assistance with the aid of their software. Other activities carried by the call centre services is to undertake sales and marketing undertakings. For this purpose, few callous calling approaches and assistance through live chat windows are used which are on a company’s website. Apart from the general inbound and outbound calls are theoutbound sales call centre and the outsourced outbound call centre.

Let us have a sneak preview of the same. The outbound sales can be broadly defined as a process where the representatives are required to make calls to the prospective list of people who would have shown some interest in the products by downloading, liking a blog, filling a form, attending a conference or commenting on a post or submit some feedback earlier to increase the leads and are known as the lead developing team and another set of agents need to call a list and generate sales in which prior to a call, a connection is established through emails as well. This team is called as the lead generation team.

A prodigious way to enhance the customer service operations and even to enhance the business competency is by outsourcing and is also known as outbound call centre outsourcing to a provider who maintains a remarkable record of achievements. These kind of services are crucial for any business unit even though, administering a unit like this has many pre-requisites like adept labour, procuring expensive tools and machinery, training, quality etc.

Thus, customer service is of paramount importance for any business today and helps in controlling the labour operations, strengthens the work and even altering the work experience. It overall helps to bridge the relationship which exists between the quality of service and the customer satisfaction levels. The empathy provided by the agents comforts the customer and this understanding helps to develop the brand or the company in the long run thus yielding positive and fruitful results overall.

Quality and Customer Service Attitude

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