Does the Cloud Come with a Silver Lining technology for BPO?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 18th of December 2020

Outsourcing industry has had a growth spurt in the past decade .And it is here to stay for a long time .It is agreeably the fastest growing sector in India .The BPO sector has been dynamic and innovative since its inception in mid-90's ..

Cloud computing is the way forward for the Indian outsourcing companies.

Wikipedia defines cloud computing as internet based computing resources, software and information are provided to the computers.

 More and more call centers in India are moving towards embracing cloud computing .Gone are the obsolete techniques. It has certainly revolutionized the way outsourcing industry has embraced technology to its fullest .Cloud computing really is the future for Indian BPO's. The sooner one realizes that the better..

IT industry has come a long way from being all about mainframe to client servers to web based applications .Cloud though has been part of the

IT mainstream scenarios and more foresighted companies have already been making use of it for quite some time .Customer care outsourcing companies have finally woken up to the realize the full potential of cloud computing .Many call centre outsourcing companies be it domestic call centre outsourcing companies or international one's are extensively working on cloud computing .

The aim of cloud is to revolutionize the way BPO's companies extend their services to the clients .The advantages of cloud technology are manifold .Primarily:

Cost Reduction

Cloud technology helps clients in cost reduction via reduced hardware investment, energy wastage and also human resources required to maintain the hardware .It's a win -win for both parties. Variable pricing is the key advantage of cloud based technology providers.


The cloud technology when coupled with flexibility of the variable model allows the BPO companies to scale up and down quickly .And that too without any

Impact on the operational efficiency .Companies can update applications dynamically on the cloud.


The BPO companies reap the benefits of cloud computing to bring down the processing time for data -intensive business processes.


The highly reliable nature of the internet is quite lucrative for the BPO's to opt for cloud technology .It is much more beneficial than cumbersome hardware’s and complex infrastructure prone to downtime.

The future IT is all about cloud technology .With its many attractions it has fast become the choice for the BPO operators. The sooner we adapt it to the fullest utmost capacity the better results it will reap. It is bringing some exceptional benefits to BPO's and it’s about time the BPO's are woken up to the fact.

Not only does it bring access to the sophisticated technology much superior to the previous one but also it's becoming a game changer with the offerings of scalability and reliability .It is easily accessible with optimum cost involved .With cloud technology companies can leave the routine job of running the centre in the capable hands of cloud technology effortlessly and concentrate on the core business.

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