What Is Back Office Support Solutions In Banking Sector?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 1st of October 2019

Back office operations vary from one industry to another. A finance company will have different set of back office operations than a recruitment firm.  The back-office operations are the most crucial part of any company that comprises of all the support personals those do not interact with the clients each day.  The various back office operations include various procedures like the accounting tasks, the regulatory compliances, record maintenance, clearances and the settlements. The back-office tasks usually include the operations those do not play any active role in the delivery of the core products or the services. The tasks like inventory management, data entry, order processing are some of the operations those are associated with the back office support.

More often than not, the teams performing these tasks work in the background and are unappreciated for their efforts. Hence, it becomes difficult for the companies in keeping such kind of employees happy. If you are finding handling such back-office tasks burdensome and keeping your employees motivated tough, then it makes good business sense to offload these tasks to an outsourcing company.

Emergence of India as an Accomplished Back Office Outsourcing Service

Back office support services India has been emerged to be the top one around the globe. Especially the companies located in Delhi or the NCR region of the country always have some good reputation within the world and are been operating in this particular field since years. One can try searching for the back-office support solutions Noida market research and you will get list of companies in this field. Various companies like Vcare and Convergys have built a strong reputation by delivering quality services year after year, which makes them a worthy candidate for your outsourcing venture.

Things to consider before getting into the contract with any back-office vendor

Getting into the contract with the companies is an easy task. The companies have easily accessible websites those comes with a ‘contact us’ page that can be used for making a contact. Back office call center services are a good option if you are looking for data-related services like data mining, data entry, database management etc.

Word of Advice

It is always better to select company depending upon its previous experiences along with that, one must also check them before outsourcing your business. It is recommended that you must visit to their premises before handing over your business. You should also check if their business vision and the goals meet your perspective and if they are capable of scaling their operation up and down according to your requirements. One never wants to get into any situation wherein you are not able to increase any resources along with the increasing needs of your business.

Some of the bank back office support services related tasks are mentioned below.

• Management of resources,

• Licensing, creating quotes,

• Exchange data, generating proposals,

• Verifying insurance policies,

• Endorsing, renewing, canceling, reinstating and rewriting an insurance policy & more.

So in the whole back office operations comprises of every minute tasks whether it is updating an image, converting the files from one format to another, updating data into various files, sending an email, or sending any response to the raised query.

BFSI is a disparate sector which ranges right from the small contacting units, the full fledged banks to the massive institutions. Withal, each and every unit in the BFSI sector is under the immense competitive pressure and since it is cost conscious it keeps tacking onto the whole pressure scenario. All of these issues revolve around the concerns to the customer engagements, its privacy and security. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the BFSI companies search out for the external support i.e. outbound call center outsourcing in order to cope up with all the problematic areas.

Call centers tend to be a great helping hand in the BFSI sector because of the tremendous benefits it offers. Let’s have a look at them:

Round-the-clock staffing

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reduction of overhead and infrastructural cost

Concentration on Core activities

With ample industry experience and potential skills to handle volumes of work call center outbound will help BFSI sector with latest technology, experienced executives, multi-channel presence and cost effectiveness resulting in better customer services and operational quality enhancement.


Nowadays, call center services or call center support services, are need of an hour. All the businessmen and others are well aware of the various advantages those are offered by the call center services and hence they try to exploit them to its maximum.  Various companies which are well established in all the industries do have their own customer service department. For example, if you happen to check for back office support solutions Delhi, there is a chance that you will get the list of all the companies having their offshore Back Office Services in Delhi or in other areas like back office support services Noida.


Initially, startups find it hard to sustain their businesses due to lack of capital. Whenever it comes to the creation of any customer service or the call center support services department, there is lack of all the necessary focus, time and finances required for imparting all these services. Therefore, most of the startups start looking for the call center services rather than running an additional department.

Companies located in countries where property is expensive

To impart customer services, one has to create an additional department, which requires procurement of new infrastructure. Place wherein the property prices are very high, buying a new space for your office is not at a right option. Hence, such kind of companies are often on the lookout for call center services.

Global giants

Companies that are global giants like Amazon, Apple and Walmart are always expanding. Their call center services requirement is dynamic and simply cannot be met by creating additional departments. Hence, these companies often employ call center services in India.

Nowadays, every Industry Uses the Call Center services like Banking & Financials services, Insurance Companies, Real Estate, Retail Sector, E-Commerce Industry and Government Agencies Etc.

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