Outbound Calls: Strategy for Success

Posted by ICCSBPO on Friday 31st of January 2020

Outbound call center services involves group of agents that make outgoing calls to the potential customers. It uses the latest technology for making calls, mainly a predictive dialer. These predictive dialers help to make a large number of calls in short span so outbound calling companies rely on it for better performance.

BPO call center follows several strategies to ensure that outbound calls bring successful results.

Key Performance Indicators

Every business requires a pre identified goal. By creating ambitions, the business gets a push towards delivering outstanding performance.  The key performance indicators (KPIs) help to understand if the outbound calls were appropriate for the business or not.

Checking all KPIs is not possible and is a waste of time, so companies need to utilize the following strategies to check if outbound calls are success or not:

Average call handling time: The time that an agent spends on calling a prospective customer and the hold and transfer period decides whether the outbound agent handled the call successfully or not. Spending huge time on call is indicator of lack in process knowledge.

Conversion rate: This means how fast an agent closes the sale. Checking the conversion rate highlights how better an outbound agent is performing.

First call closure: A high percentage of first call closure displays that the outbound calling agents are selling the business services efficiently.

Occupancy rate: Occupancy rate displays that the agents might have had trouble finishing their after-call responsibilities.

Call center scripts: BPO call center scripts are very advantageous as they help to store information & amend possible mistakes, and deliver enriched results to the customers. A good script helps the call center agents deliver perfect answers to the customers connected through outbound calling.


Checklist for outbound process:

•    Capturing customer attention: It is essential to capture customer’s attention in the product. Work on strategies to make the customers feel interested by talking about their requirements and the way service is helpful to them. If the customer feels that hearing you is a waste of time, there would not be any delay in call disconnection.

•    Avoid fake commitments: It is important for the agents to avoid making fake promises just to woo the customers. It can result in poor reputation of company as they fail to meet the commitments.

•    Rigorous follow-up: Outbound call is successful when services are sold to prospect. Do not allow any delay in the follow-ups.

•    Value Time: Agents should always probe whether it is the right time to talk before discussing the reason for call.

Sales Incentives: In order to avoid staff attrition, plan incentives for the team, train new employees and help them learn more. When the employees feel they are valued, they will work with full motivation & bring excellent results to customer satisfaction and to outbound calling services.

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