How can Outbound Call Centers Improve Their Sales Techniques?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 4th of September 2018

Running a profitable Outbound Sales Call centre require many tools, training, scripts and above all a customer-centric approach. The agents or tele callers should be trained in many ways that they can satisfy the customers by many efforts such as listening, put-up questions provide the best possible solution, making them comfortable over the phone even showing technical benefits of the products and then close a healthy deal.

Yet lots of factors are responsible for the success and failure of an outbound call centre. But using their best training and implemented sales tactics with the intention for the benefit of the customers they can win the race. From the extract of the vast experience, I have mentioned some adaptive sales techniques that help to improve the sales of call centers in India.

Ready to Communicate: First of all, the agent of call center services is the primary person who interacts with the customers. Hence, he / she should be ready with their scripts. Tele callers need to be trained to answer all probable questions that can be asked by the customers. They should be provided with the research-based script that helps to tackle the customer in a professional varies. The agents should have required excellent communication skills to win the customer confidence and trust. He or she also knows that art of putting questions that help to clear all queries of the customers.

Greet Customer: In a call center outbound, tele callers should start the communication with greetings. Maintain formalism for professionalism while greeting. At first, they should focus to make the client comfortable during communication.  Do not proceed in selling as soon as the call begins. Do not start briefing the product. Give him a short intro about your company and services. This technique lets the customer to engage with you and also help him be ready with his queries.

Listen to your Client: Call centers in Delhi are quite busy as you are serving the capital city. To provide the best solution you must listen to your client carefully to understand what exactly he wants. Listening is the best way to know how you can handle that particular customer. These techniques should help to make a friendly communication with the customer.

Customer Centric Approach: Generally, lots of things, it happens simultaneously in the BPO in India. Due to that agents can easily distract from his focus. To close a healthy deal, you must concentrate on both verbal and non-verbal communication. Pay complete attention towards on what customer ask and never try to interrupt the buyer communication.

Creative Communication: Callers of Outbound sales call center need not only be stable with the script, use your senses to make a creative communication as everyone like to have an animated conversation. You can share success stories of satisfied customers. Tell your customers that how your product helped previous clients to overcome all the obstacles to keep your customer engagement and know your services.

Let the Customer Speak: Sometimes in excitement, you may ignore what the buyer says and interrupt his communication. This may lead to blocking the agreement. Outbound call center outsourcing should allow the buyers to express all his concerns. Hold your sales horses and let the customer speak first. You should use long pauses when required to let your customer express himself and make the conversation interesting for him.

Note the Conversation: Call center support services to receive more than one call at a time so there are chances that the agents can often mix up with the conversations. To avoid mix up agents should make short notes about the conversation so that you can instantly review every detail while taking follow-up calls.  The method also helps you to rectify your own mistakes.

Brief Product Slowly:  Don't explain the product in one go. This can spoil all your efforts and chances more that you may lose your clients. You must carry forward your communication step by step. Primarily call center services in India need to concentrate on building the trust of their client and understanding his need and then describing the benefits of the product. This technique can create wonders in your sales.

Avoid Overselling: Excitement is obvious while attending sales call, but you should hold your temptation to push sales. Provide relevant information about your product and do not overload your client with unnecessary information. This can tend to lose your customer.

Adopt a Follow-up Solution: Your Company should use automated follow-up outbound software. The software helps to keep the record of all conversation via centralized storage. The software provides information on when to do follow-up and send email for product promotion.

Keep in Touch: Always stay connected with your client using several communication mediums like email, messages, etc. Outbound call center should send them a follow-up message within 24 hours since their first call. Send mailers to update them with the latest industry trends. This method can make a close bond with the buyer without making repetitive sales calls.

Put Questions: Make a habit to put questions so that the customer can explain his needs in detail. This can also help you to understand that which product is best suitable for your client. The more you succeed to engage the buyer the more are the chances to close a successful deal.

Closely Watch Buying Sings: Often interested customers start giving signals to show their interest in the product. At this step your task to convince the buyer becomes easy. Few signs which show the buyer interest are:

  • Asking lots of questions about the product
  • When customer actively take interest in the communication
  • Ask for referrals, warranty and other service related queries.

Use Closed-questions: Once you receive the buying signal, step by step move your customer into the sales process. This is the time when you can start asking close-ended questions. The technique is already tried and tested and always provides fruitful results. Close-ended questions help you to get the definite response from the buyer.

How can Outbound Call Centers Improve Their Sales Techniques?

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