10 Importance Of Live Chat For Customer Support

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 27th of June 2020

Customer support is the basis on which trust, loyalty & good will of brand is built in customer’s heart. It is integral that customer service business is oriented towards improving customer support by using new additions such as live chat. An interesting fact is that 63% of shoppers prefer using a website with live chat for repeat purchases. Live chat helps in improving customer experience, few of those ways are discussed below:

1. Zero Wait Time

One of the most favorable characteristics of live chat is that customers no longer have to deal with endless waiting, as there is no long IVR, where a certain selection has to be made, to get through to customer service associate. Understanding customers' needs such as not spending time waiting for the response will depict you as a customer-centric company that orients towards their best interests.

When it comes to people, customers expect the same quick response they are used to getting from electronic equipment and technology, this is exactly what live chat can deliver.

2. Convenient for Customers

Live chat makes the buying process more convenient for customers because they can turn to a live agent for any potential difficulties or questions. 44 % of online consumers say that one of the most important features a website can offer is having a live agent to turn to for potential questions in the middle of an online purchase.

3. Eliminates Anticipation for the Response

Statistics show that average wait time on social media is 10 hours and an email response takes longer than 12 hours. Live chat is a solution that eliminates these troubles.

4. Competitive Advantage

Rising number of entrepreneurs makes it harder for a business to stand out. Small, medium and large businesses are all equally devoted to standing out in the crowd and earning the customers' attention. Real-time customer service can be your way of differentiation. If a customer is torn between you and your competitor just emphasize that your biggest positive point is customer satisfaction which is why you provide your customers with live chat.

5. Better Conversion Rate

You can configure the software to greet the visitor and ask if they need any help. By initiating the communication you’ll have a chance to convince the visitor to buy a product. If a potential customer is hesitant about the product but then he sees the live chat option, asks about anything he or she wants to know and their dilemma will be solved. This leads us to the desired outcome – the visitor becomes a buyer.

Live chat software provides you with all the data and analytics about visitors patterns and behavior. The collected information can then be analyzed and used to improve further marketing efforts. To analyze the data you can integrate the live chat with Google Analytics.

6. Adaptable

Considering that customers will be speaking to a live agent, they can ask whatever they want and the agent will provide them with the corresponding answer. The best way to make the most out of live chat is to train the agents to be competent to answer any type of question. The customers will love the fact that they won’t be passed around multiple support channels.

7. Easy Accessibility

If your customers are spread around the world, live chat can save you a lot of money. Live chat enables the agents to interact with customers no matter where they are. Simple access to the internet and a few clicks on the website is all that you'll need to establish customer interactivity.

8. Mitigates Need for Multilingual Support

A simple tool such as Google Translator will allow agents to speak with customers in multiple languages. Some live chat software have inbuilt translation feature which makes the agents’ job even easier.

9. Cost-Effective

There is no need for spending money on equipment for phone support. In addition to eliminating the expense for phone equipment, a skilled live chat support agent can interact with up to three customers simultaneously while the call center operator can only help one customer at the time.

10. Rapport Builiding With Customer

People are social beings and offering them robotic and generic answers won’t suffice to evoke trust and emotion in them. Zendek showed that 73% of consumers claim that friendly customer support makes them fall in love with a company, whereas 52% have made more than one purchase from a company after they’ve experienced positive initial customer service experience.

Live chat gives a human touch to customer support mixed with fast response. Superior customer support services can play a crucial role in business growth and live chat can be the source of that winning customer service.

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