The Subtle Differences between Good and Bad Customer Service

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 2nd of January 2021

What exactly is customer service? Customer service is basically ensuring that customers are provided with the services

As desired by them .It is the assistance that is extended to them ensuring quality, assistance and satisfaction.

The difference between good and bad customer service is usually very subtle. Not really overt but something minute hovering on the edge. More often than not it is nothing but the lack of human emotion .Customers are human beings with the same set of expectations as us .When we are asking for paid services we have every Right to get the best of the service .So what basically involves good customer service .Let's look into the factors paving way to good customer service.

1) Promptness

On time delivery of customers demand is the first step towards a good customer service.

Delays and cancellations can be the worst spoilers in the customer service game .When we talk of services nothing puts a customer off than consistent delays in delivery of services requested .We can have a loyal faithful customer for life just by on schedule delivery .How hard that can be ! Well not all situations are same and some delays are inevitable still they can be compensated by a prompt assertion and recognition and at the earliest delivery promise .Anything to ensure that we do not lose that precious customer .All the leading call centre/BPO companies will swear by the mantra of on time delivery.

2) Personalised services

What is it that makes a customer service stand out .The single most important factor would have to be personalised solutions .Everyone loves attention to detail, customised solutions and going that extra mile for them feeling .This is what comprises a wonderful customer service. In today's era of social media, word of mouth publicity and mass spread of information a word from a customer can go that extra mile.

This is the reason why so extensive customer surveys are being conducted to get to the bottom of the issues .To know the customer first hand.

It is but natural for a customer to get captivated by the attention to detail, tailor made solutions / services just for them .The feeling of enthral that follows not to mention the rapid increase in business are but the icing on the cake.

3) Human emotions in the deal.

As Maya Angelou said "People may forget what you said to them, what you did to them but they never forget how you made them feel ".

The same quote fits for today's modern age customer. Human emotions play an important role in delivering better customer services .Adding that extra human touch to a smooth business like conversation can be a deal clincher .It is the subtlest of human touch in the conversation which lingers with a customer for long .Why is it that every call centre /BPO insists on a calling script with an opening line of How are you doing today?

Sometimes that can be a good ice breaker and can let on the free flow of conversation .While on the other hand mechanical, robotic conversation can nip in the bud

A prospective bonding with the customer .Making a customer feel important in the conversation is a big yes if we want to continue to do business with

the existing customers and the new ones .Everyone has that innate desire to be put first and get the requisite attention .It is but what a customer expects . Going that extra mile for them can take the business forward thousand fold. Making that odd exception to the customer, that smile on call, empathy and suitable responses can be the subtlest of factors influencing a customer positively.

4) Solutions that are out of box

Subtle things like not making customer repeat things again and again, a little show of empathy ,saying appropriate words of appreciation and consolation , making call endings more humane with phrases like " is there anything else i can help you with " ? A little peppering of call with human emotions, assuring the customer of a resolution and following up on that can make all the difference in the world. One has to think out of box and putting empathy first in every situation can go a long way in building relationships with the customers.

5) Going the extra mile

This isn't just a phrase where customer service is concerned .We really need to go that extra mile to ensure that our customers are well satisfied with the services. A few pleasant words in the conversation .Using empathetic words , a need reassurance here and there in the midst and customers can really open up and remain loyal .It really often doesn't take much to go that extra mile .A few seconds extra in the call end asking about if any other query that needs addressable.

6) Efficient solutions

At the helm of things is the most important factor of being efficient. The Importance of efficiency in delivering solutions cannot be undermined .A customer will always appreciate a solution oriented person with efficient handling of the account.

If we look closer there are numerous subtle differences which take a customer interaction to greater heights to the next level. Differences which might seem too insignificant to look at.

From being an average interaction to a great one .Or to stop it from being a bad one .A little bit of personalisation, a few empathetic words here and there. A little display of being involved and taking customer into confidence .It is all that eventually contributes to a great interaction.

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