7 Reasons to Get Employment Verification Services

Posted by ICCS-BPO on Thursday 4th of January 2018

Businesses avail call center services to simplify their work so that they are able to focus more on other activities including the growth of the company as well as enhancing the financial and career growth of the employees. As these businesses hire more number of employees, they aren’t able to manage their details and background check which is the most essential step required after the hiring of any candidate. There are some candidates who provide their fake information and get selected for the desired post which shouldn’t be the case. Due to several reasons such as unemployment, to hide criminal record, and conceal substance abuse candidates falsify their personal information. That’s the reason, it has become important to conduct the employment verification in an appropriate way. Most businesses do not have time to conduct the proper background check of the employees that are going to join soon, this is why they avail employment verification services. In this post, we list seven reasons why you as a business needs to avail employment verification services. Take a look.

1. Get Actual Resume Information

Almost half of the organizations and companies rely on the information mentioned in the resume of the candidate. Although the information provided might be wrong or accurate, it’s important for an organization to check the details carefully and conduct a background check of the candidate who have been selected. If isn’t possible, make sure to avail employment verification services that can help you to know the right information about the employee.

2. Access to Unknown Information

Generally, candidates who get selected do not want to share their entire details due to the mindset that they might get rejected at the moment. That’s the reason they hesitate to respond to the reference request from a former employee. However, it’s important for any company which is hiring new candidates to know entirely about them.

3. Cost-Effective

Most companies do not have resources, software, and time to conduct the background check of each candidate they have hired especially if they have done the hiring in bulk. That’s the reason, these businesses acquire support services that help them to bring the accurate information regarding the employee be it previous employment details or the personal background information.



4. Helps to Make Informed Decisions

Hiring is one of the most critical decisions that any company makes. However, a failure and negligence can lead to improper screening of the candidate which can lead to lack of productivity and performance. Sometimes, companies end-up hiring employees who aren’t qualified to fulfil the requirement, whose habits are not in line, attitude and personalities clashes with each other and so on. In this case, if the support services are availed, they can give you a lot better hiring opportunities.

5. Reduces Employee Theft

Every company carries some sort of confidential information that is nor accessible to every employee, but, to some team members. There had been some cases in which the employee stole the company’s confidential information and misused it for the sake of this increased earnings. Therefore, due to these kind of reasons, it becomes essential to know the entire background information of each employee your hire or even of the existing employees.

6. Avoid Workplace Violence

There is a lot of information that has been collected from various American workers who became the victim of the workplace violence each year. Certainly, not every incident can be taken care with the applicant screening, but, most of them can be avoided. Therefore, to avoid such risks, there must be a proper background check through an appropriate organization in an acceptable way.

7. Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

One of the biggest fears that a recruiter have in their minds is that what if they hire employees who later turn on the company and file suit. There are still several companies which do not conduct the proper employment history check of their employees and become a victim of theft with the losses of several multi-million dollars lawsuits.


The Bottom Line

There are several reasons out of which some have been mentioned in this post due to which businesses acquire employment verification services. In fact, they also need it to provide the authentic data of everything that comes into the company during the audit. That is another reason, businesses need to prepare themselves. Before availing any outsourcing help desk services, one needs to be careful and choose the one that suits their requirements. Also, make sure you make an informed decision by discussing it with your business partners.

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