What Is Advantage of Inbound Call Center in Insurance Sector

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 27th of August 2019

There is no doubt in saying that the call centers in India are growing by leaps and bounds and are booming the industry thereby attracting thousands of young women and men within the country. The call center workforce offers various advantages just in terms of the cost savings (cheap labour) and the manpower availability.

Established companies in almost all industries have a customer service department. There exist certain companies those do not have any the capability of having an own in-house customer service department. All these companies just look for outsourcing the customer services to the other vendor companies.

In today’s competitive business world, businesses are looking gain a competitive edge over their competitors while cutting down their cost of operations. All these needs has just given rise to many trending companies those outsource their call center services to India.  In the past decade, there were every few sectors those felt the need of outsourcing the customer service operations or just found the need of hiring the call center support services or the call center service provider for carrying out various businesses.

Some of these sectors were telecom, broadband, cable networks and computer hardware & software manufacturers.

However, the scenario has now changed and there are many other industries or sectors that have realized the benefits of outbound call center outsourcing.

Many healthcare organizations irrespective of any insurance companies or the hospitals outsource the call center services in order to get their important processes done like reminder calls to their patients, processing the insurance claim, scheduling the appointments and other billings.  All these organizations do hire call centers which have knowledgeable staff for handling the medical processes or have previously proven track record of the same.  Another that has been famous is the virtual assistant services for the doctors those can help their private practices run smoothly by handling all the administrative tasks in a remote way.

Right from the financial institutions like the tax services, stock brokerages to the banks, all are in need of the call center services for their processes. Whenever we talk about the stock brokerages, they do have the call centers those call the potential clients in order to convince them for opening the accounts with them. Various banks make use of these services for selling their products like insurance plans to the customers, mutual funds, various loans to the customers or the credit cards.

With more and more banks offering their self-service smart phone applications, they also hire call centers in India to call customers to get these apps downloaded and installed.

Following are a few factors which prove that  outbound call center outsourcing can contribute towards resolving market challenges:

The Cost Advantage – Economical operations is surely a big advantage of this business collaboration.  Business tends to earn more profit and also try to acquire a big market share whenever the investment is small.

Tech Innovation – One amongst the biggest challenge in today’s market is rapidly changing technology for frontend and backend operations. By outsourcing, many enterprises can save the efforts and investment required for the same, while staying attuned to the latest technological advancements.

Improved Focus – Impressing today’s consumers is a hard nut to crack and to do so; enterprises need to focus on core business. This is the something that can certainly be achieved with the aid of outsourcing.

These are just a few of the reasons that establish how outsourcing is favorable for dealing with market challenges. However, there are many other advantages that make this collaboration lucrative for commercial organizations.


All BPOs require you to be fluent in English, although most do expect you to have at least a bachelor’s degree like BSC or BA. For certain types of jobs like Medical or Tech.  Outsourcing or pursuing en educational background in that same field is an added advantage. People speaking multiple languages or individuals having fluent communication skills in French, German and Spanish always have a great advantage over the others.


There never exists running around in order to get the work done. Bigger BPOs always provide you with the convenient bus services from various locations within the city.


People having less years of experience are in great demand and are usually be able to change their jobs to the competing BPO Company for better career prospects.


BPOs provide training and how to deal with customers and the best part is that they even pay you when they train you.  The training consists of few weeks which is then followed by the practical experience.


Many call centers provide good health insurance for your family at a low cost.  They also provide counseling in order to deal with the stress which one happens to deal with an abusive or the tough customer.  Right from the brilliant start to the stagnant business and the looming threat of the job loss because of the automation, fresher’s must think few times and the ones having experience must also try to enhance their skills unless it’s late.

Customer service is important in any industry. There exist various different levels and the approaches to be used in each which are based on the needs and nature of any business.

Customer service plays a vital role in the insurance industry. Like others the insurance companies don’t tend to meet their clients in a frequent manner. Although the companies send some notices or letters or emails the most proper interaction takes place whenever the person talks to the customer. These things usually occur before, during and at the times of purchase whenever the insurance is being used.  This makes the conversations more important, thereby adding the pressure of making sure that each and every instance of the customer service is proper.

Customers often get this impression that insurance companies are only after their money and that’s a dangerous thing to have between you and a customer. A meaningful, productive conversation can do something to soften a customer’s feelings towards your company.

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