Why Your Customer Service Strategy Should Include Online Chat

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 19th of February 2021

In today's dynamic business environment retaining our customers is of paramount importance. Businesses that build a strong customer experience strategy gain to reap the benefits of repeat business as well as customer satisfaction.
The business strategies are mostly working around the idea of propagating and retaining customers. The traditional way of calling customers and selling as well as introducing new products are vastly changing to accommodate newer strategies
keeping in mind that customers are no longer ignorant and are technologically suave and fast advancing and embracing technology.

Now let's look at it closely .In recent times there is a major shift in favour of messaging services .This is basis what customers prefer .While call centres are still in vogue and crucial for the overall business strategy more and more brands
are moving towards online conversations with customers over online chat ,sms. social media or live chats .Case in point brands like amazon , myntra, gofers have all shifted the base to online chat .The maximum grievances , issues and suggestions are floating via online chat medium to everyone's satisfaction .For one there is no waiting time and instant response which is what customers have always demanded. Outsourcing chat processes are in vogue .More and more outsourcing companies are embracing online chat medium Need proof? look at Amazon ,Myntra , Gofers , Shopify etc. the list is ever increasing .
From live chats to SMS's its becoming clearer that messaging is here to stay and currently the toast of customer service So what's all this hype really about ?

Now let's look at the reasons for this sudden preference for online chat and messaging services:

Making a Human connection online without a human

The great thing about online chat is that it relishes and fosters a personal touch rather than a human personal touch.
Customers like to be provided a human touch, a feeling of empathy and shorter timelines for resolution.
People want that assurance that there is human touch at the end of the interaction but they don't have to deal directly with them .It’s the same strategy that we employ in personal lives too .Do we call up every acquaintance? No its sms or email or chats that we employ with them .It's more realistic and feasible to interact this way rather than cosying up to long calls. Many outsourcing companies are working just on this principle worldwide .A human touch without getting too personal.

Making sure to give what a customer wants and also cost effective The compelling reason to incorporate online chats as the regular feature is the fact that customers want the same.
Over sixty percent of millennials say that they want to communicate via text messages /chats. As we are in a business wherein what customer wants matters most so it becomes all the more essential to offer online chats.

Efficiency in the process
So no one can deny that online chat process is really a time saver and efficiency driven process. From a customer’s perspective its a real time saver .Nothing needs to be put on hold to continue with online chats / messaging .it's actually a win - win for all the parties involved .

Convenient and low barrier option

More and more outsourcing companies /BPO's /Corporates are opting for online chat option as benefits are manifold not only is it convenient and easy but removes language barriers / accent issues. It involves minimum disruption as it can easily be included in daily tasks as part of multitasking .Now online chats to say are not only free for the customers to gain advantage from but also quicker as the answers are prompt without human interventions .Long hold and delays are done away .The process of making a phone call is tedious in itself but what follows is also no less tedious with long holds annoying music .Back and forth departmental Shuffling of calls as connectivity establishes .Online chats score very highly on the convenience department and that is why are such a favorite with customers . It’s extremely user friendly and authentic. Customers are aware of what they are dealing with and appreciate it in return .It takes a little bit of getting used to like any other option but ultimately comes on top .Also online chat option eliminates the process of jotting down things owing to long tedious conversations. As more and more customers are preferring to work with customer service professionals via live chats.

Creating choices

Many customers are not okay with attending calls throughout the day .Many hate social media , physical meetings online chat is much more convenient and feasible option something that is preferred worldwide. Online chat options offers this detachment plus the added advantage of fuss free interactions.

Availability of 24/7

The online chat option is available 24/7 which in itself a big attraction .Today customers want this assurance of 24/7 availability more than anything .The idea of reaching out to customer service at any given time of the day is a big plus all things considered. This helps online chat in scoring over traditional phone calls.This feeling of being available at all ours is possibly greatest gift provided to customers. Customers can approach customer service at their convenient hour and not vice -versa.
Worldwide surveys have indicated that online chats are winning in all aspects .It's definitely part of a successful customer service tool kit.

To summaries online chats are winning in a big way as they connect instantly with customers without the usual bothers of holds etc.
They allow customers to multi-task with almost zero wait time .The resolution of customer queries is also quicker .Online chats are also a much cheaper option .It's a big time saver which tops all customer concerns as patience to wait long hours has definitely thinned out .
These chats are also essential for relationship building .As satisfied customers are less likely to switch to competition and thus is a big saving grace .Online chats are definitely a fantastic way to build long term relationships with customers .Customers get the feeling that we care enough for them to make sure that they are available 24/7.It helps business stand out among its competitors.

The option also helps in forging deeper customer relationships. The result definitely leads to greater accessibility, profitability and much more enhanced customer experience .Leading to greater satisfaction and improved sales .As a result more and more customer grievances have also subsided. Definitely a win - win for all .Hence more and more Indian call centres are moving on to the chat option.

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