The Customer Experience Layout for Banks

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 24th of May 2019

Why is it important to improve the customer experience in banking?

The biggest battleground for the organizations is the customer experience. However, according to company’s point of view, the customer acquisition is crucial for its growth and survival. Any organizations which do not focus on the customer acquisition do not have proper aids to deliver the great customer experience.  Banks do have both virtual and the physical channels in order to deliver the banking services along with the financial advice for their customers in the most appropriate and acceptable manner as the customers do expect more along with the personalized services.

Nowadays, the customers do expect their purchase experience to be as good as the product or the service experience. The back-office support and their team always help the customers whenever in doubt. Almost 65 percent of the financial institutions believe that the do have sufficient data about its customers in order to provide them the personalized services.

Having a call center for attending the customer calls, listening to their complaints and giving then solutions to their problems round the clock has become mandatory for all the financial institutions. If the banks are unable to offer 24x7 customer service, the company is not able to earn the customer trust and in turn in the long run do suffer huge loss due to same.  The banks these days can opt for two choices. They can either go for an in-house call center or for outsourcing call center. Many banks and other financial institutions provide their customers with customer service outsourcing and back office support services. When it comes to back office support services in India, tasks generally encompass of the operations those do not take part in the delivery of the core products or the services. 

The management of the back-office processes might affect the company success. The amount of data which is collected on everyday basis must be increased significantly because of the increase in the amount of the transactional processes those include collections, transaction processing, fulfillment of the order, application processing etc. All the above processes require time and cost-effective back office solutions.

It is much more important for the banks to provide what the customers want. If they need any personalized services, then the banks need to deliver the same. Whenever providing the personalized services, banks need to keep in mind the following things:

Provide multi-channel customer experience

Although, the customers make use of different channels for their banking, the banks also need to endorse numerous channels while they provide the personalized services. Aside from their branches, the banks also need to provide the personalized services through the other channels those include emails, video conferencing, the smart phone apps and telephones. Farther, the customer experience provided with the help of these channels always needs to be regular and coherent.


Augmenting the in-branch experience along with the ATM

Although the customers prefer digital channels for the sake of banking, there exist many who still visit the branches of the bank for money withdrawal. To make it more convenient for its customers, banks must come up with various small and smart branches in areas which are located for the customers to bank from.

Use of Social Media Path

These days all the banks have their presence on social media but nearly 87 percent of its customers don’t find the use of social media of their banks useful. Approximately 10 percent of the customers make use of social media sites for interacting with their banks. This count can be increased by helping the customers through the back-office support of the banks. The support people can help their customers by explaining how to use the social media sites for interacting with the banks in order to solve their problems. If you reside in Delhi or in Noida and are looking for help or support in the same, then you can try searching or Google for some back-office support services Delhi or back office support services Noida. One can even try for offshore Back Office Services.

To influence customer data


Until and unless the banks put their efforts in collecting and leveraging the customer data, they don’t become successful in assessing the customer needs and their preferences.

Customers are the first priority

Customer service has been given the first priority irrespective of it being a bank or the contact center. It is always important to provide its customers what they need rather than forcing them to opt for something which seems more convenient for the banks. It is important for the banks to collect the customer feedback and make corrections accordingly. Banks must use some sophisticated tools and proper customer service strategies to make it capable of providing the customers what they need.

The back-office support solutions cater to various businesses irrespective of the back-office support solutions India or the general back office support. 

The ideal back office support provider for financial institutions or companies have numerous years of experience in the same domain, leverages technology to give you a strategic advantage and greatly reduces your operational cost.  These are the primary requirements one must consider whenever looking for the back-office support or the service provider.


Never say no to the customers

Whenever you need any help, you need to find a way to help.  It might take some time but commit to negotiating a solution to every problem presented. Within reason, of course.

Banks: Keep the promises

If the banks promise something to the customers, see to that you fulfill the promises. If life gets in the way, as it sometimes does, then you need to communicate honestly about the situation so you can make arrangements as necessary. Customers must trust that you will do what you say.

Listen to customers

The fact is any brand should offer their customers a spot at the table to share their thoughts and a reward for participating and collaborating—even if it’s simply public recognition for their part in the process. Listen to them carefully.

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