How to Improve Growth Rate of BPO Outsourcing in Travel and Hospitality?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Wednesday 24th of April 2019

With the rise in the disposable income, Smartphone penetration, improved connectivity, and tech-savvy millennial generation, there is an exponential boom in the travel and tourism industry. Now the Industry has been evolving more rapidly than ever before and is competing more aggressively in the market place. Newer business models are coming up very fast, and one of the most successful business models remains the BPO outsourcing in travel and hospitality.

The modern fast passed global economy has redefined the principal objective of a firm to stay ahead. Creating more value in all the activities of a firm including its products and businesses is taking the front seat of a business objective. It is being followed by the efforts for maximizing the sales as well as revenue. The value chain framework and the transactional cost are the two main management structures that can enable a business to achieve customer satisfaction and develop insights.

How BPO growth rate is improving in Travel and Hospitality: The Business Process Outsourcing in the travel and hospitality sector is witnessing continuous growth and newer opportunities. BPO industry operators are striving hard to extend the best in class service that can lure more customers to an industry. The online travel companies and the scope of new business that emanates out of the digital business models and sharing economy can offer more unique streams of revenues. Also, the BPO industries are using multiple channels to communicate more effectively with customers and customers are also provided to teach in the preferred language.

Factors that make BPO services so popular in travel, hospitality and tourism sectors: The bpo in India offers comprehensive, customized solutions that can help the travel and the hospitality firms to improve the operational efficiency. It also helps to have timely delivery of service at a very reasonable price and offers enhanced customer satisfaction.  As per the opinions of industry experts, the call center in Mumbai can help the clients to make the position of business stronger.

 Also, the social media presence globally can be vastly improved, and all these are possible by ensuring that prompt services are delivered to the customers. It will further help to have sustained enterprise-grade mobility solutions and improve continued customer relationship with the existing as well as prospective customers. The call center services can help to overcome the current bleak performance of the hospitality sectors in no small extent.

What type of problems the current travel and hospitality sector is facing: The hotel industries, airlines, car rental services, are going through dismal performance in financial results due to some of the following reasons:

  • There is considerable debt
  • Increase in the cost of financing
  • Change of government rules and regulations and growth in the compliance cost
  • Decline price and increase in competition
  • More dependency on asset-backed financing

These problems mentioned above are some of the key reasons that make engagement with call center support services so valuable. The hospitality and the travel industries can survive in this testing time due to this relationship only.  It is possible for the call centers in India to deliver a fast and straightforward solution that can help the clients to reduce the overhead costs. Travel and the hospitality industries are now able to survive a severe economic downturn and can ensure to have sustainable future growth.

What essential valuables are offered by BPO solutions? The hospitality and the travel industries can very well leverage BPO solutions due to the vibrant capital outlays in such sectors. The capital outlays in these industries are variable to a large extent, and it changes according to the economic condition of a particular country. When such business partners with reliable outbound call center outsourcing, it is possible to increase the accountability of the employees to a large extent. Also, it helps to streamline the functions by reengineering the existing services after identifying the drawbacks, and it significantly reduces the cost of operation.

The expectation of the travelers has changed by a large extent by the advanced technologies and by the easy access to information. For a travel service, each trip is made up of several services, products, transactions and each of such areas raises further expectation from the others. , and you can find excellent call centers in Delhi that can help to orient the services and the products. The services of the professional companies have been perfected over years of experience and expertise and can provide the satisfaction of the customers. 

  • It transforms the ecosystem of the channel: The BPO services can make a big difference by managing the matrix of the interplay among the different channels used by customers. Now the Outbound sales call center can integrate the various channels seamlessly, and a single omnichannel view can be made. It can transform the experience of the customers and will help to retain more customers, resulting in higher profits for the business. Now, it becomes easy to track your interaction with the customers across different channels in one single integrated view.
  • Self-service channels in the web: With the outbound call center, customers can get easy access to all information, and there will be quick and secure transactions. The BPO services can effectively remove the drawback of web services and can integrate with AI to offer personalized services.
  • Voice, chat video chat services: Voice can be the quickest option to make a complex transaction secure and it provides an easy way to vacation planning or reservation changes, etc. Also, the introduction of IVR technologies has improved the self-service capabilities that have also reduced service costs. The chat can lower the cost also by a large extent and help to drive better sales conversions. Chatbots have been the most prominent among the emerging trends to provide the customers best media to solve their queries very effectively and promptly.

On the other hand, the video chat facility that is provided by the call center outbound services can easily be the best thing to happen. Moreover, with the advent of advanced streaming video technologies and the lower bandwidth cost has made it all, the more popular.

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