The few reasons which prove that call centers aspire to the perfection of quality

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 24th of April 2018

“Quality gauges the happiness and satisfaction of a customer”. People are ready to spend much but look for the best of quality in the products and services. They need an assurance that they are getting the worth of the money spent. Something which has endurance. Call centres are a pivotal lead and they revolve around the customer satisfaction and keep targeting at maximizing sales and also keeping the customer base intact.

The present scenario has seen a steadfast transition to the call centres. It was in the latter half of 20th century that the transnational companies took a decision to move overseas as they wanted to cut down on the operational costs and upsurge efficiency. India was one of the first countries to have faced that challenge and today the call centers In India have a quantum of quality. In the present times, the Indian capitalists are stimulating the growth of the call centre world and have made India identical to the overseas call centre services and the country even mandates a large share in the overseas trade and industry.

In terms of the expertise used, the call centers in Delhi have surpassed the other companies in the race as they have efficaciously commenced the first and unique CISCO centred IP grid. When the issue is of call centre quality, the main focus is to enhance and preserve quality assured customer service... By following a plan like this the industry can harvest maximum benefits for the customer understanding and reliability.

The Call centre is a forum which enables in transmitting a large amount of data and helps in handling voice-based queries.

The experts of quality assurance present a trained and adept team that sometimes is not manageable within the call centre limits itself, hence a third party is always encompassed to get an unprejudiced view which also guarantees that the reports and proposals are rational and even-handed. In order to enhance the quality of the call center services in India and to preserve it in the long run, few undermentioned quality assurance features are followed:

  • Monitoring of calls
  • Agents are in accordance with the compliance benchmarks
  • Having quantifiable yardsticks
  • Analyse the data
  • Barging into the calls
  • Reviews of the customer
  • Live coach for assistance
  • Impart training sessions as per the needs
  • Offer better incentives to drive maximum productivity

All the above-mentioned features help in constant monitoring of calls and derive maximum satisfaction for the customers which is more than just listening to calls but also detecting any issues, for which training can be given.

Quality assurance standards are the keystone of a call centre management as enhancing quality procedures helps in boosting the quality of the service that the team of agents provide to the customers, foster the efficiency and minimise extravagant spending. The services which serve as a backbone for those services which are offered by a call centre are the call centre support services and they need to have the consistency of quality for smoother functioning. Given below are the few quality procedures which are followed by the call centre support services:

  • High- end technical assistance  
  • Debugging services
  • Advisory services offered
  • Corporate Helpdesk assistance
  • Service Delivery
  • Troubleshooting Options
  • Support to Business Applications
  • Internet service Assistance
  • Software and Hardware Assistance
  • Benchmarking
  • IVR Provision

The call centre services play a crucial role in ascertaining the business competency, enhanced transformations and advanced customer satisfaction level. It is imperative for the call centres to perform exceptionally well in order to impart great customer service. In order to get the maximum output and increase in quality standards, few undermentioned points can be kept under consideration:

  • Revamping of the hiring and training team
  • Motivation of agents
  • Mandatory Call monitoring
  • Awareness of Key Performance Indicators
  • Importance of external yardsticks
  • Diminish Agent Attrition rate
  • Enhancement of Primary Interaction
  • Offering solutions to resolve issues

The part of the company which is into lead generation is what is referred as the outbound sales call center. It is a process in which a seller, symbolized by a sales agent tries to make a customer rendezvous from their end. It starts with making cold calls to the prospective buyers. A quality oriented outbound sales approach helps in establishing steadfast revenue generation and growth process... Certain points are the indicators for a good quality of call and they are:

  • It depends on how a call list is generated.
  • The time is preferred by the customer to be called
  • Short and sweet communication and to the point
  • Mandatory follow up with the customer

The highest level of quality is expected from any sort of customer transaction, in an outbound call centre. The monitoring, auditing and analysis as well as testifying is mandatory to assure that there are compliance and operation standards being adhered together. The persistent enhancement in the activities that are the result of effectual management of quality is a prima facia in the present calling ethos. The quality is adhered by following means:

  • Working on the soft skills
  • Having a product knowledge
  • Awareness of Compliance Standards
  • Data Accuracy
  • Six Sigma Certification

The time when a company wants to outsource the business needs, one has to be vigilant enough to decide on an outsourcing call centre which ensures quality and promises higher standards of service, stable enhancement and expert tactics that are appropriate for the company. The call centre quality policy is a set of procedures, means which help in assessing the efficiency of the customer interface and even enhance the service.

Thus, the call centre aims at the aptness of quality and also target at the reasons for the failure of meeting the pre-set standards and find solutions to it.  Quality assurance is a smooth and easy procedure that yields substantial results for a company and it is a binding feature for all the call centres who wish to enhance the service standards.

The few reasons which prove that call centers aspire to the perfection of quality

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