8 Excellent Ideas to Ensure Outsourcing Success

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 22nd of August 2020

BPO success factors depend on many things, some of which have direct influence while some have indirect effect on its success. In this post, we have summarized 8 basic rules to ensure your business process outsourcing venture is feasible and a success for both the parties involved.

1. Shift focus gradually

Before a company decides to outsource, it has to divide its attention to all activities. Some of these activities are productive while some are not. For outsourcing your services, you need to gradually shift focus to your core business and leave the routine humdrum to your outsourcing partner. This shift needs to be a gradual one as it takes time for both the company as well as the BPO to acclimatize to the new change.

2. Redirect resources from non-core to core business

Once the outsourcing firm understands the process and procedures, the objectives of your company, the protocols that your company follows, etc. you can start reallocating your resources. Before that you need to ensure that a key person from your organization is available for the BPO at all times for resolving their queries quickly, which will help your business process outsourcing partner learn the ropes quickly. Once everything is settled, you can re-allocate the resources to other core areas.

3. Get your priorities straight

Most companies lose focus on their priorities once they hire a BPO. To ensure outsourcing success, it is very important to set your priorities. For instance, your first priority could be improving operative performance, or ensure timely completion of projects or save time of key personnel through outsourcing. However, most companies want all these things simultaneously and feel that outsourcing is a bad idea. It is important to sketch a map of things that allow you to set your priorities and lay a road map to achieve things. This will ensure outsourcing success for both you and the BPO.

4. Adopt newer technologies

In today’s time, technology is one of the most important BPO success factors. With the help of BPOs, you can obtain technologies which will not be otherwise available. Many BPO companies use the latest technologies to manage tasks and data. These technologies are not only expensive but also require a steep learning curve. BPOs have the right kind of technology, tools as well as expertise for making the best use of it. So companies can get the best of technology through BPOs.

5. Sort legalities earlier in the process

When you are going to outsource your services to another country, it is wise to anticipate common delays in obtaining permissions, registrations, sanctions and other legalities. These delays can impact the whole process. So it is advisable to sort the legalities earlier in the process, as you are dealing with government and political bodies, and delays are inevitable.

6. Think beyond savings

It is natural to go for outsourcing to save costs but in today’s time it is imperative to think beyond savings. A well-known BPO firm may not provide you as much savings but it can surely provide you lots of indirect savings and benefits like improved efficiencies and productivity. So always consider other direct and indirect benefits when calculating ROI.

7. Mutually beneficial environment

Consider the BPO Company as an extension of your own company. Only then you can get better results. Co-exist in a mutually beneficial environment, help each other at every turn and ensure a feeling of togetherness not because you are a client or a service provider but because you are working towards a common goal.

8. Communicate effectively

Communication is a key factor for BPO success. Always keep a responsible person who can act as a medium to communicate with the BPO firm. Extend your know-how about the processes, share your views openly and demand if any changes are required. If you have good communication strategy, all these can be done and ideas can be exchanged without fostering relationship problems.

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