5 Reasons Any Outbound customer satisfaction Campaign fails

Posted by ICCS on Friday 8th of October 2021

Outbound customer satisfaction campaigns entail calling customers with the intention of making sales. If we were to add customer satisfaction then it involves calling with the intent to get data on customer’s experience with the sale made .To do so , is very crucial task as it can ultimately lead to gathering important data as to customer’s satisfaction , generating further leads, marketing and promoting the product .

Now Let’s look at the factors which are making outbound customer satisfaction fail:

1 Lacking relevant customer Data insights

Decisions can be based on customer’s preference only when we are fully aware of their preferences. So businesses need to focus more on data driven approach to ensure accurate data collection and acting on them. This would result in much better interaction and better prospects of gaining customer’s attention and CX  data .Currently this is one of the major reason for an outbound satisfaction campaign to fail .

2 Multi channel calling of the customer and not using omni channels for communication 

Multi-channel calling entails using various channels for making outbound interaction .This includes Direct calls to the customers , reaching customers via emails , live chats , websites etc .However all of these channels work in isolation and centralised collection of data is not there resulting in callers taking up fresh calls each time they reach customers .They are not able to pick up from the last interaction .This is one of the major reasons why an outbound customer satisfaction channel fails .With omni channel multiple channels are also offered but the experience is more seamless as all the relevant information is centrally stored and accessible to the agent and hence enabling them to pick up from where they left last time .Resulting in more fruitful and satisfactory interaction as the agents are able to access all the previous interactions and appropriately offer solution to the issue .Customers are also happy and satisfied as they don’t have to repeat  the previous history again .

3 Not analysing customer sentiment 

Now a days sentiment analysis tools are all the rage .These tools help in gauging the various moods of the customers Extremely relevant in the case of outbound customer calling for gauging CX .Survey’s have indicated that an incensed or not satisfied customer can reach out to an average of 16 people with the tarnished image .This can result in some serious damage to the image of the business and CX can never be attained if this remains the case .Gauging customer sentiment has always been important for any interaction with customers especially the one involving personal contact via phones .Agents are not equipped and it is also not fully possible to gauge the customer mood on the call always resulting in some seriously dented calls and making CX go for a toss .There is only so much that Trainings of the agents can do .Now it is all about AI and machine learning which can tackle the issue .

Sentiment analysis tools make use of AI technology and analyse customer moods with help of CX interactions. Customers speech patterns and tone are used for analysis .Currently not been able to do so is one of the major reasons why the CX outbound calls fail because agents are not able to gauge the customer’s sentiment accurately and on wrong footing causes them to land in soup .With trepidation, callers have to proceed on the call and accordingly respond which is easier said than done.

4 Not utilizing Social media effectively 

Gone are the days when outbound calls entailed calling up customers and getting the job done .Now outbound campaigns are not just about traditional communication  tools like phones and emails .These have been revamped As per a survey conducted average customer spends at least 2 hours and 24 mins on social media  which is inclusive of Twitter , Face book, What’s app, LinkedIn etc hence making these the ideal platform for CX interactions .Currently if we need to stay ahead in the game, these platforms need to be utilized to the fullest to reap good results where CX outbound calling is concerned .And customers also prefer being reached out via these modes .Not focusing enough on social media platforms has become one of the top reasons why an outbound CX campaign tend to fail .

5 outbound calls   no longer favoured by the customers 

Calls and text scams are rampant everywhere .This has made customers wary of picking up CX calls .reaching out to the customers via calling has in itself become a tough nut to crack .Inflexibility in out bound calls need to be fixed for effective CX campaigns .Customers are preferring other ways of reaching out to them as calls invariably results in long hold and catching them at wrong time .Customers unwillingness to respond on phones is also major reason for cx calls campaigns failing.

5 Reasons Any Outbound customer satisfaction Campaign fails

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