10 Compelling reasons why you need call centres in India

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 3rd of April 2020

Call centres have been around for some time and are gaining foothold in a big way. Call centres have come up as a boon in India tackling the big issue of unemployment. Gone are the days when youth had just some few options to pick from in terms of employment. A wide plethora of options in BPO'S & KPO'S has filled the gap of unemployment to some extent. Especially in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida etc. back office support service has come up really quick and fast.

When we talk of call centres or outsourcing call centres we loosely include all back office services, outsourcing, primarily customer service outsourcing, back office support, offshore back office services and back office support solutions. Now it is understandable and apt to say that call centres are the future in India. Here is presenting the ten most compelling reasons why we need call centres in India:

1) All time support for the business

All businesses survive on 27 *7 kind of support. In today's competitive environment it is essential to have round the clock support for businesses to tackle competition. We need to ensure that customer needs and expectations are not compromised in any way .24*7 support to customer service tops the chart. Anytime Anywhere is the mantra and way to go. Only a call centre can help in dealing with that. Back office processing services are the order of the day.

2) To focus on more important work

A business has many dimensions and they need to work on them in holistic pattern. While the mundane routine jobs can be outsourced. This is a win - win for all. Businesses don't mind if the routine things can be outsourced. This leaves time and resources for more crucial activities to concentrate on. Businesses need to concentrate on their core competencies and the rest can be allocated to call centres for extracting more out of less. This strategy is win - win for all.

3)Boosting customer confidence & loyalty

Call centres have direct bearing on customer confidence and customer loyalty. Case in point Customers

when they know that they have support available at all times they tend to feel the effort made by businesses to extend help at all hours. This clearly send out signal that yes they are being cared for and are valued. This definitely helps in garnering support and long term, loyalty.

4) Good platform to market

Call centres are good platform to market different products. These can be effectively marketed while or post a service call. This is an added advantage of having call centres and it is being utilised quite efficiently in recent times.

5) Call centres make businesses appear more professional

Having call centres invariably gives shine to the business image. It is a coveted service. The jobs appear

mundane but the work they do are invaluable. And of course the added bonus never goes wasted. The whole process of customary greeting to hold procedures, to listening patiently to customer's speak out volumes of a business's capability. Also being on hold and queuing up send out signals that business we are dealing with is in demand and up to date with the latest enough to command all this attention.

6) Call centres save money and cost

Call centres work on shared support principle. Meaning we only pay for the time used by the business. Hence it is coming out as a cheaper option. Often businesses utilize all round support services at a fraction of the cost which they might have incurred for hiring a single person for the job. Businesses get to utilize the services at a very nominal cost.

7) Customer satisfaction surveys

In today’s cut throat competitive business world gaining customer satisfaction is a given. Customers require all round service, professionalism, and hearing of their woes at any given hour. These are all building block for gaining customer satisfaction. Where business is lacking, what customer needs, how satisfied customers are with our services can be gathered from these surveys conducted on calls. This definitely serves well for the businesses. They serve well in garnering valuable customer data and making business policies

8)Call abandonment and peak hour issues are tackled efficiently with the call centres.

When the business is outsourced we get to have the added advantage of tackling call abandonment and peak hour call traffic as we get to utilize more resources at a reduced cost. This helps in retaining and growing businesses.

9)Call centres are good for the economy

Call centres and outsourcing industry has effectively tackled the problem of unemployment in India. In today's employment scenario call centre industry pays a pivotal role. It has far greater value implications. With social welfare at the crux they are definitely working for the greater good.

10) Efficient and dynamic workforce

Associates working in outsourcing industry are a dynamic force to reckon with. Special attention is being paid to training and guiding the workforce. This definitely enables in creating a professional and cutting edge workforce which contributes in all round enhancement and development of businesses.

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