5 Sales Techniques that Work in Customer Service

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Customer service and selling goes hand in hand .One can confidently say that a customer service executive is always on a move wherein selling is also an intrinsic part and parcel of the job. Customer service and selling are intertwined, inseparable and mutually exclusive. A lot of benefit can be entailed from customer service in terms of selling on the call. Customer service executive is the person who can bridge the gap between what is on offer and what customer wants .If there's a difference between what a customer is looking for and what we can provide then we are on the go as far as selling is concerned. The outcome can be an effective win -win for all.

Here's presenting the five techniques that can work wonders in customer service:

1 Subtle introduction of the products 

A customer service executive can present a host of alternatives or new products to the customers in the call for them to ponder on the same and make some informed choices .While customers today are inundated with a host of options to choose from .The decision to choose a particular product can easily be assisted by the customer service executives. More often than not customers are on the brink of indecision as to the plethora of choices available. The gentle and subtle assistance is all it takes for them to make a choice.

2 Closing techniques to be used for maximum advantage 

In customer service closing of the call can be the stepping stone to some amazing sales deals .Closing is the time when sales executives can work on the customer psyche .Many times the sales intervention at the time of call closing can actually help in cinching the deal .As happens with call end surveys the simple closure techniques with respect to customer's preferences in a generic way can help gauging a favorable product introduction .The closing techniques         can range from some direct closing inquisitive closing questions like " would you want to " to "should i offer you" .It can also involve closing in small doses like building up to the final desired closure . It's like testing waters on behalf of the customer care executive .Sometimes they have to act more assertively and persuasively .A customer could be hell bent on option A while all we can offer is option B .In such a scenario the customer care executive's persuasion skills can do the trick .

3 Assertion and persuasion in the call

Sales are definitely intrinsic part of customer service .It goes without saying that a customer service executive is also a sharp seller .Be it selling solutions on call or products .The idea is that the approach needs to be bang on and just the right mix of assertion and persuasion but not too persuasive to hamper the call flow .Precaution skills can make selling alongside taking queries a cakewalk.

4   Ability to identify the sales opportunity

Customer service executive should be able to identify an opportunity for sales on the call .This is imperative on part of the executive to be hands on with the data and ability to strike out when required. Customer care executive needs be able to ask probing questions subtly to enhance sales opportunities .Should be able to provide alternatives when required.

5 Knowledge and expertise 

Last but not the least the customer care executive needs to be hands thoroughly well versed in selling .Which is not to say that he should be formally trained but learning on the job coupled with on-site training and inherent zest for selling can do wonders .In this era where choices are unlimited and mind fickle its becomes all the more imperative to hone the selling skills .Half the job is done if we can gain enough attention of customers on the call.

We cannot undermine the importance of customer service with respect to selling .Once again they are more or less mutually exclusive to some extent .Many opportunities are presented to the customer care executive to push for a sale. The need is to sell at the right time .Building up enough excitement for the product on offer and working subtly on customers' psyche to help him make the timely decision.

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