5 Top Skills For Running Successful Inbound Call Center

Posted by ICCS BPO on Monday 13th of July 2020

Call center operations are very critical as they are related to two major objectives of “Customer Base Expansion” and “Sales Growth”. Running both outbound and inbound call center is extremely tough as one has to arrange required resources and then uses them effectively to ensure it runs successfully. Any shyness results in hassles in the later stage.

Below are top 5 customer handling skills required to cultivate for running an in-house inbound call center seamlessly:-

1. Patience

Handling frustrated customers is tough because they just want to speak and do not allow the support agent to speak & provide resolution. So an agents with good composure is required. Patience is a key skill with regards to customer service operations, because short-tempered service agents often get involved in a heated argument with customer, thereby resulting in poor customer service.

If customers are allowed to explain issues without any interruption, better resolutions can be provided. When customers demand an explanation on the occurrence of technical issues, agent should put them at ease by giving an explanation calmly and patiently as that’s how splendid support experience can be delivered.

2. Timely Delivery

Timeliness/punctuality has always been a critical part of inbound call center operations because customers are always in a hurry to get one-stop resolutions, hence, they get annoyed when things move slowly. Established inbound call center service providers have always been appreciated for their habit of providing inimitable resolutions in a jiffy. Promptness is what can help in achieving high CSAT score.

3. Effective communication

An effective conversation always results in good customer service levels. So, it is important to cultivate support agent’s communication skills to operate an in-house call center perfectly. Better communication includes both amazing speaking skills & active listening skills. Therefore, it is imperative to train customer service associates so it helps in maintaining a balance between listening and speaking. They must know how to assist customers in a friendly manner, without disregarding a professional vocabulary. They should follow KISS rule- Keep it short and simple.

Customers generally seek human touch, so it would be great to add the introduction part in call scripts. However, the main goal should be keeping effective communication in sync with valuing customers’ time & providing swift resolution.

4. Focus on extra mile

Support agents should never hesitate to go the extra mile while assisting customers because the more efforts are put in, the more delighted customer will be. Meaning of going the extra mile is providing personalized assistance. Customized resolutions result in satisfied customers & then they recommend the brand to others, which leads to winning customer loyalty to the brand. Therefore, the value of customer relationships should be drilled into the minds of call center agents during training.

5. Adaptability

Adaptability is a must as customer do not come back with same issue every time. There will be times when they demand first time resolution for intricate issues. Lack of knowledge or tardiness is not appreciated by customers. So an agent should be trained in such a way that any curve ball thrown by customer can be handled by them. If service agents aren’t able to adapt to changing situations, they will never succeed to get you high CSAT score. Adaptability is not only limited to handling a variety of issues but also concerns switching between multiple support channels/queries.

Apart from theses, attributes like product knowledge, positive attitude, empathy, confidence & time management also plays a pivotal role in creating wonderful customer experience. Customer service skills of inbound call center agents should be improved in a continuous manner for creating the best customer support experience. Combination of good training and motivation can pave the way for delivering best service experience. This will yield long-term brand loyalty.

5 Top Skills For Running Successful Inbound Call Center.

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