Critical Moments in the Call Center Services in India

Posted by ICCS-BPO on Tuesday 24th of July 2018

An experienced call center support services agent knows that sales at the end of the day do not come from a customers logical evaluation of a products features, benefits, and advantages. They know that most people make decisions based on emotions and then use logic to justify those decisions, especially in India. Call centers in India, especially outbound call centers where main work is to generate sales, know that what is important is not what the product is but instead what the product does and how the customers feel about it. Time and again, what makes top salespeople successful in an Outbound sales call center is their ability to link product benefits with the personal impact they make. 

Essential Interactions

Many companies prefer outbound call center outsourcing because they know that call center service providers can systematically build affective bonds with their customers while reducing company's operating cost. Good customer experience begins by knowing how the subconscious mind works. Especially, when it comes to subliminal needs for safety and security. When managers are attentive to the process and consistently orchestrate the following encounters, customers are more than satisfied; they become loyal, raving fans. 

  • The Moment of Connection

"Zero Touch support" must be kept aside by call centers outbound, so that stronger connections with customers can be formed. By having a warm, personal interaction early in their customer relationships. When customers get a feeling that they can relate to the person behind the brand, then the company has a face in the customers' mind and that face is generally the face of the agent they interact with. So, at the start of a friendly encounter with someone who feels familiar reduces the customer's subconscious anxiety. Then when a smart mix of personal and electronic communication follows the relationship builds over time.

  • The Moments of Power.  

Call center providers can help in reducing natural anxiety that a customer can experience by encouraging choice and autonomy. For example, customers can feel powerless learning how to use a new product. Agents can lower tension using an onboarding process that can help the customer to quickly learn and practice new skills so that he can very easily operate the new product. When the company gives the customers options to choose from, customers feel empowered. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, keeping customers informed in an easy way of soothing their psyche. 

  • The Moments of Proof 

Call Centers can increase certainty and remove doubts from the minds of the customer in many ways, by demonstrating products, by hosting quarterly business reviews, by displaying performance statistics. When the company makes promises and is able to keep them, expectations are met and customers become more confident in the company. When the company is able to prove that the business and personal outcomes they predicted came true, they erase any remaining doubts in the customer’s mind. 

  • Moments of “Wow!”  

Solving a problem meets minimum expectations but going the extra mile on occasion makes customers feel important, desired and valued. Simple acts of kindness can pay substantial dividends. 

  • Moments of Truth.  

In business as in life, things can happen. Sometimes things can go wrong, and a customer might end up in a mess. Other times it can be on a much bigger scale impacting various other customers maybe through a major outage or security breach. It is important that the company call enters aggressively use effective service recovery processes which can restore the confidence of the customer by quickly restoring service, customer's trust can be regained. How the company responds reveals character and can quickly turn around a bad situation.  

  • Prompt Service 

The speed of service is many customers’ number one priority. Since many customers will have only a few minutes of time to interact with your company, it is up to you to make your customers’ experience amazing through speedy service. Call center should strive for 24/7 accessibility, if feasible. Offer customers various way and means through which they can send in their inquiries. Ensure the agents and representatives are knowledgeable and well-trained. 

  • Knowledgeable Employees

At the heart of customer's amazing first impression, there are knowledgeable, well-trained employees. In this age of outsourced call centers and automated customer service, it becomes more important that employees have access to data and tools that can help them to provide customer care of high standards. Make sure that you let the employees know of the great first impressions during their interviews, training and periodically thereafter and regularly evaluate your training program’s effectiveness and strive to constantly improve program design

  • Value Customers from Day 1 

When the customer feels valued from the very beginning, the first impression created by the customer would be amazing. To make them feel valued you can reduce the time that they would have to wait to speak to a live representative. The agents should make sure that they properly greet the customers and thank them for considering the company. Before ending the communication make sure that you have fully satisfied the customer and that they have no inquiries left. Make sure to ask them for their feedback. 

  • Professional Interactions 

Having a professional attitude in interactions is crucial. One cannot underestimate the positive impact polite and respectful behavior can have in a customer's opinion of the company. Always use proper salutation with customers, when interacting via call make sure that you are pronouncing their name right. Avoid using jargon or slang in conversations with them. Keep the interaction professional by not using profanities. Make sure that you check for spelling and grammar errors before sending out important correspondence to customers.

Critical Moments in the Call Center Services in India

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