Digital marketing trends of 2020 to Break Clutter

Posted by ICCS BPO on Friday 27th of December 2019

Future and survival of marketing depends on emerging technologies and trends, so one needs to keep pace with the latest trends, in order to keep any business in the long run. We are at the end of 2019, let’s stop wallowing in the old methods of optimization, link buildings etc. in the coming year. It’s time to move to the digital marketing trends for 2020. More businesses are going to join the race and it will become tougher to stand firm in huge competition. So, let’s use the power of these new trends for staying on top of the game.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):-

Artificial intelligence can identify the latest digital marketing trends based on its capability of analyzing the real-time data. Using AI in any business helps in understanding the customer needs better. AI’s data-driven analysis helps in targeting the right customers at the right time. Few of the examples are as follows:

AI provides real-time data analysis and updates

Automation of advertisements and e-mail generation

Reduction in time taken for lead generation

Rankbrain uses AI to understand the user queries and retrieve the information from the servers and displays the related content to the users

Several of the popular companies such as Forbes and Netflix have already adopted it and are reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Another very useful example is AI-powered Chatbot – Chatbot is the new age messaging platform which saves time by interacting with users to help them on behalf of businesses. It will replace 80% of customer services by 2020.

Few of the major benefits of chatbots are mentioned below:

Chatbot collects data(basic contacts information) of the customers without human intervention. Analyzes in-depth about the customers behaviour by tracking their micro-movements.

Provides business insights through real-time data analysis.

Helps in scheduling client meetings on behalf of marketers.

Answering FAQs every time. Implementing the chatbots in this area helps in saving time and energy.

Sales conversations can be done hassle-free.

SEO A/B split testing:-

The intention behind this is finding out the promising area that increases the traffic. Unlike Conversion Rate Optimization in which marketers create duplicate pages with the same content, do experiments on SEO components such as meta titles, descriptions, URLs, images, etc. by splitting them into two categories (control version and variant version) so that you can identify the method which improves the ranking. Because it will be unknown until and unless you test them. The control version will have the original content and the variance version will have the altered content for the original. You should measure the performance of each version so that you could invest on the better practice. It saves both time and money.

UGC Marketing:-

As 2020 is approaching, the User Generated Content (UGC) rocks even more (becomes more important, to put it simply) because it makes the business more authentic. Instagram is the perfect pitch for the UGC. The users can create their own content (video, image, photo) related to business and post it on the site, social media, or YouTube. It is the best tool to make millennials excited and take note of product. It increases the popularity. It results in high engagement rate and more conversions which are the ultimate aim of any digital marketer.

Including the user-generated content in ads adds fuel to the marketing strategy which appeals to the users because masses are bored of seeing intrusive adertisements.

Social messaging apps:-

Social messaging applications are one of the most preferred platforms in the latest digital marketing trends. It is the best way to provide transparent communication to customers. It will gain greater significance in 2020 with its ability in making instant and quick user registrations resulting in boosting sales. The two-way communication of this application gathers new customers and helps marketers in raising the margin. Along with incorporating social media messaging platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, businesses can integrate chat platforms such as Troop Messenger, etc.

Do tie-up with digital marketing companies that are adept at the best utilization of the messaging platforms in driving more profits for a business.

Social commerce:-

Social commerce is the method of selling products on third-party platforms through social media platforms. All online store activities and transactions can be done via social networks because these platforms influence the buying decisions of 75% of the people. Instagram is the best platform to showcase your products with CTAs which will lead to more sales.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):-

Incorporating the AR & VR in digital marketing strategies for any e-commerce business enhances the UX and influences the buying decision of customers. Unlike static content promotion, marketers can use AR in the images so that it can give immersive 3D experience to the customers. The AR campaigns help in increasing brand awareness. Also, they yield more sales and high ROI, especially to online stores.

Catching people's attention is the key driver that makes the marketer’s efforts useful. Customers should not be bored with business’s outdated and annoying marketing methods. Adopt these digital marketing trends for 2020 to transform your business and break the bonds in the digital industry to stand tall.

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