Empower your employees with Automation to discover new ideas, and maximize ROI

Posted by ICCS BPO on Thursday 14th of July 2022

Technology is the single unifying element that is revolutionizing everything in today's world, from the way we carry out routine, critical chores to the way we work, discover, and interact. If emerging power was the driving force behind the industrial revolution, then advanced cognitive automation is the driving force behind a business's digital transformation.

Whether we're talking about fully or semi-automatic machinery that assembles automotive parts or heavy-duty machinery that has permanently changed the manufacturing process, automation has optimized operations and productivity across all sectors of the manufacturing industry. Similarly, enhanced robotic automation has altered the way we acquire, manage, and process enterprise and business data in order to produce actionable insights for better decision-making.

Automation is one of those popular buzzwords that has been catching more and more. Automation is a result of new-age technology in business processes, applications, and data. The ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience and empower the productivity of employees.

Empowering Employee Experience with Automation 

We have ushered in a new era of rapid technological advancement and societal upheaval, which has left people disconnected, agitated, and disoriented. This not only affects work engagement, but also the general well-being of employees. According to McKinsey's study, development activities, such as working remotely and partnerships, that executives estimated to take 15 months, occurred in considerably less than 11 days, with a factor of 43 accelerated. In several cases, businesses that declared and implemented these adjustments did not use effective change management tactics throughout and, more importantly, after the changes.

As a result, employees felt lost, overwhelmed, alienated, frustrated, and anxious as a result. Furthermore, communication has dropped and the way in which it is communicated has evolved. In many situations, employees did not receive direction or support on how to continue meeting job requirements or how they would be judged outside of the generalized instruction to work from home or use specific technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Just a few examples!

According to International Data Corporation (IDC)'s recent survey, 60% of employees collaborate with bots for work. Results from recent Asia-Pacific surveys, including India's Future of Work and Employee Perspectives Survey 2022, reveal that automation is increasingly integrated into daily work. The report further highlighted that automation is changing how individuals approach their jobs, and there is a greater need for enterprises to accelerate their automation strategy and deployment plans. As a result, implementing a smart automation programme is a means for organizations of all sizes to increase employee engagement and recognition.

Engage your audience instead of Monotone

Doing the same repetitive, manual operations raises the likelihood of errors, which can result in costly penalties or even contract termination. In short, employees who perform these jobs become bored and disengaged. This is where automation might be a wise choice since it can manage both simple and complex tasks across the organization. Employers can move employees to learn new skills and undertake higher-value work when they adopt automation.

Contribute to the achievement of growth and sales targets.

Automation offers more than simply eliminating manual tasks. It greatly lowers costly errors, resulting in significantly decreased risks and increased client trust. Companies can achieve scalable growth by boosting productivity with automation to acquire more output from the same resources. As a result, educating, training, and upskilling the existing workforce should be a top focus right now. Employees are given more responsibility for their own achievements.

Accelerate growth.

The significance of new skill development and re-skilling programmes cannot be overstated – now more than ever. We are all aware that automation, rising technologies, and digital transformation in general are producing new positions that will necessitate the acquisition of new skill sets by individuals.

Increase ROI 

The simplest method to enhance return on investment is to educate the workers on the proper use and maintenance of automation (ROI). Investing in training the workforce in the proper use, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the automated system will reduce downtime, lower the risk of damage due to improper equipment use, and even increase the amount of turnover in the business. It is also less expensive. Additionally, adopting automation in business might help to boost total ROI now and in the future.

Automation provides significant benefits, such as enhanced efficiency and a reduction in monotonous or tedious work, resulting in less time spent on fact-finding and more time spent on insightful and extensive discussions. One big downside is the lack of human touch, which can lead to low employee engagement. Employees are not allowed to connect with customers or coworkers. They lack a physical or metaphorical common area, a place in the office where employees can gather for informal discussions. New digital technologies are required for the present paradigm of digital workspaces, where individuals are geographically separated. While the workplace has transformed dramatically, many firms are battling with how to establish connections with people and keep employees energized.

ICCS is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm that delivers automation services to boost ROI, find new ideas, and empower individuals in the workplace. They help organizations stand tall by providing cutting-edge technologies for the firm and its workers. ICCS leverages world-class recruitment strategies and market insights to capitalize on the benefits of cost savings, scalability, and process perfection in order to provide tailored services that can help fulfil end-to-end needs. In addition, the company contributes in a well-defined manner, bringing forth all of the knowledge and talents to produce major results that can help firms greatly boost their revenue and reach.

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