How is the BPO industry in India?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

In India, the BPO’S (business process outsourcing) are one of the fastest growing segments of ITES industries. The call centre services in India influences the business risk mitigation, scale of business economy, utilization improvement, cost advantage and superior competency which has led to the growth of Indian BPO industry. Business processes in India began in the mid of 90’s which now has grown by heaps and bounds.

India is now proven to be one of the world’s favored markets as the biggest BPO Company in India. The boom of BPO industries in India is all credited to the India’s humongous number of talented and skilled people, cheap labor costs and high English-speaking professionals. With the research of NASSCOM, it has also revealed that the quality orientation of leading call centers in Delhi delivers 24/7 services. Moreover, the unique geographic location of our country has created platform for investors from foreign countries to introduce with a very friendly tax structure in India; this is one of the main reasons which have made the BPO industries so popular.

Before, we go on further to know how the BPO industry in India is! Let’s know what a BPO is actually!

The term BPO (business process outsourcing) is a popularly known term which refers to the outsourcing in any of the fields. A BPO or can be said as call center support services usually helps to manage and administer a particular business process for any other country. They both use the new technologies and it applies to the existing business in a very new and improved way to produce a particular business process.

India is currently said to be one of the major destinations globally for the business press outsourcing, as many companies from UK and USA outsource their IT related services with the Indian service providers.

Services offered by the call centre services/ BPO companies:

The Indian BPO industry offers a variety of services to their domestic and international clients. Some of the services are: technical support, customer support, data processing, bookkeeping, telemarketing, insurance processing, forms processing, web/internet/ online research and more.

  • Technical support services: product support, installation, running support. Resolution and usage problems for computer software’s internet infrastructure, hardware, troubleshooting.
  • Customer support services: These services are involved with outbound call center outsourcing, 4/7 inbound and outbound services which addresses to give customer’s solutions on their concerns and queries though email, phone or by live chat.
  • Data processing and data entries: Providing data entry for books, images, paper work, yellow pages, e-books, printed documents, web sites, business cards, receipts, software applications, catalogs, bills and the mailing lists.
  • Accounting services and book keeping: Providing maintenance of customer’s account payables, general ledger, account receivables, bank reconciliations, financial statements and equipment and assets ledgers.
  • Telemarketing services: Providing friendly interactions with the potential customers to create interests for the products and services. By promotion, up- selling and cross selling to the existing customers and also by completing the online sales process.
  • Insurance processing: Providing new promotional strategies with business acquisition, policy maintenance, claims processing and policy management.
  • Form processing services: The call centre support services in India also provides payroll processing, online form processing, insurance claim forms, medical billing forms processing.
  • IT help desk services: BPO also caters to offer solutions for system problem, Level 1 and level multi cannel support, technical problem resolution, remote diagnostics, office productivity tools support and answering the queries of product usage.
  • Online research: Provides extensive details and search on the market survey researches, analysis, mailing list research, internet search, and web search and product search and usage details.
  • Data conversion services:  Gives data conversions for word processors, data bases, software applications and spreadsheets. Also provides data conversion for raw data like HTML, PDF, Acrobats formats or for the word file.

Know the interesting facts of call centre services in India!

  • The demand of BPO industries is rather impressive in the recent times and is growing at an annual rate of 60 percent.
  • The call centre outbound service sectors have been estimated to reach about 55 percent growth in annual revenue.
  • The BPO sector is one of the main sectors in India which has given employment to a lot of youths in India. Moreover, it has provided jobs to the skilled and unskilled professional for over 75, 500 vacancies. The number is also continuing to grow on an annual basis, and it is estimated that the sector is soon going to give employment to the 1.2 million Indians.
  • The 80 percent of India’s outbound sales call center produces revenue for the contact centers in India, the rest 20 percent is collected from the data entry work and information technology work.
  • The Indian call centre services also handles around 55 percent of world’s business outsourcing projects which makes it one of the leading and growing industries in India.

Future of BPO in India!

As mentioned above in the article, India has emerged to be a major outsourcing destination which not only offers employment opportunities but has also increased India’s revenue. The achievements of this industry are continuing to grow each day, with the diligent work and efforts put in continuously. Indians are leveraging the BPO’s to outsource their business in various segments and get optimum results.  The future of BPO holds a stable growth by creating over a million job opportunities in the sector and giving solutions for domestic and international business.

However, other countries are also moving ahead in this sector and are now offering services at a very affordable rate. For India to remain ahead in the competition, it needs to up its game. The number of educated people is increasing in this developing country and skilled employees are now demanding better rates.

Well, if you own a business or are looking to outsource your products or services to get ahead of the competition in the market, a BPO would be an ideal choice. Get yourself equipped with a BPO in India and cut down the operational costs and get quick access with skilled processional.

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