How to Impress Your Customers with Proactive Service

Posted by ICCS-BPO on Tuesday 26th of March 2019

In today’s world of rapid globalization & changing market strategies, companies face extremely tough challenges. To maintain this pace & continue the edge to edge market sales, many companies are changing lanes from a product- sale plane of action to a much broader perspective of marketing & customer satisfaction strategy.

Customer is always right! Organisations swear by this statement. Customer expectations have spiked to the highest potentials. With the growing demands of the customer, there has been a lot of intolerance from the customers as well. Therefore, it has become all the more necessary to build strong customer- company relationships. Offering proactive services to your customers by introducing, engaging & engulfing customers has become the foundation of such a process to fulfil the goals of the company.

Proactive & reactive customer services: as of yet, not many companies have understood the importance of proactive service strategy. They are still practicing a reactive service strategy. In a reactive service protocol, companies only react when a problem arises from the customer. This occurs only when, the customer reports a problem. A reactive service; company will wait till the time a customer tries to contact the service provider & ask questions. There is a high probability of a negative feedback in such scenarios. The brand loyalty is adversely questioned; and a two communication is affected between the company & the customer.

On the contrary, a proactive service provider will approach the customer before there is a problem. It will monitor customer behavior for possible problems & timely reward the customer with reward points, payback points or loyalty referrals. They try to build a strong relationship between the customer & the company. A proactive service helps to earn brand recognition & respect for the company. A BPO in India is an effective way of using proactive service at its best. BPO or business Process Outsourcing is to outsource operations & responsibilities of businesses functions to a third party service provider. A BPO can include call centre services which handles a part of the clients businesses by handling telephone calls for the company.

The importance of a proactive customer service:

Nurturing customer loyalty: A proactive customer service fosters customer loyalty. A customer will like to interact with a company not only when he has a problem but also be happy to know, that the company has not forgotten him.

Reducing inbound calls: an important aspect of proactive service is the reduction in inbound calls. The Outbound sales call center is specialized in initiating calls from the call centre to the customer prior to the call from a customer or client. Calls from the telemarketing or surveys are usual calls from a company to show proactive support.

Self-improvement: a proactive approach can help determine the actual brand value of the companies by surveying satisfaction/dissatisfaction rates, opportunities & failures aspects.

Individual customised service: what could feel more special than giving customized, special attention to your customers? Every customer is special & one in a million, if this is conveyed to the customer, then it’s a win-win situation.

 Customer satisfaction: proactive service avoids disappointment & let downs. Improved customer satisfaction helps to generate revenue.

Brand awareness: a proactive customer service ensures the brand is remembered. Customers follow the brand everywhere. More followers’ means more reviews for the website.

How do we provide a proactive customer service: the Out bound call centres in India is a type of proactive customer service which is growing rapidly. Call centers in India are one of the takes for proactive customer service providers.  The call centers in Delhi, have popularity for not only inbound calls but are also serving as outbound call center.

Call center support services: help customers to register their complaints, register feedback & provide reviews of the services they have availed. Getting a feed-back is easy, a survey can be framed for 2 minutes. Such support services provide information on personalised products & its servicing information timely.

Rewarding customers for their reviews, offering them loyalty reward points & explaining them how they can avail these is an important task of a proactive customer care strategy.

Prior information:  sending an e mail for renewal subscriptions & offering a discount to thank them for their business improves the chances of retaining the customer for a longer time with the company.

Admitting mistakes: it’s always better to admit your faults even before the customer finds out. If your company finds out a problem, you can offer an apology to the customer, offer a discount on future renewals, and explain the nature of the problem & its cause & effect ratios.

Live chat session: a live chat consultancy with the customer saves time & the doubts are resolved immediately. The customer does not have to hunt for contact details & wait days before they a reply from the company.

Regular polls & surveys: regular sale surveys & feed -back via call center support services ensures the customers timely reviews. This helps in maintenance of easy information regarding customer’s satisfaction census.

To recur the cost effectiveness & the efficacy of a product, call centre services in India are working 24X7. They provide support services not only for marketing purposes but also specialise in determine key strategies for company’s growth on a long term basis. Feed-back is an essential feature of the call centre outbound services. These services timely ensure customers feed-back & the response to their product. In such a scenario company’s get assurance of the selling products simultaneously.

An outbound call centre can be acquired by an already established outbound call center outsourcing provider. To find a good outbound call centre outsource you have to find the key features such as:

An excellent record of accomplishment

Experience in customer service & sales efforts

Expertise in providing such service

The broad-spectrum range of different types of services provided

Call centres in Delhi have trained expertise in delivering what is best for the company. Their staffs are constantly upgraded for customer care. call centre outbound professionals deal with day to day customer queries approached before the customer demands. It is therefore a more positive & proactive approach towards customers. Outsourcing services for both the company & customers can enhance the production & enhance the key requirement of the receivers. Customers like to be always on the top list of the company & love to avail beforehand cash coupons or vouchers. Loyalty from customers can only be demanded when the company promises to be loyal.

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