Keeping Contact Centre Employees Motivated

Posted by ICCS BPO on Saturday 25th of July 2020

Amid the hassle to simplify call center services and to manage high employee attrition, BPOs recently had to face challenge of a pandemic called COVID-19. The pandemic resulted in compelling companies to operate from home. The most affected industry at such times were call centers, as they had to shut their services due to the inability to work from home. As a result, many employees lost their jobs and many companies came to the verge of a high financial crisis.

Companies will use these lessons to be prepared for any adverse scenario in the next time. Attrition might increase due to the non-flexible and monotonous work environment, which demands businesses to take necessary steps to woo the customers’ interest in the business functions. Thus, companies need to work upon easing things for the employees and motivating them to stay back. After all, the employees make or break a business!

The call center agents are expected to be polite and take every call with the same ease. Thus, the organizations have to take care of the agents’ mental health too, so that it is easy for them to tackle monotonous situations and work hard for the company with dedication. Games that can be used to break this monotony are as follows:


Knockout does not require great resources and is a short game with more prizes to help employees strengthen morale.

Well, to start the game, managers can make a grid-based on sales patterns and can make boxes depending on the team’s strength on board. Then when an agent makes a particular sale within the time limit, she/he can mark her/his name on the board, and this way the agent gains a competitive advantage.

Next, when an agent makes a big sale before the time limit, she/he can fill in the box and can lock the same claiming her/his first win on the particular prize allotted for the same.

This way the manager can easily award the winner and other agents are boosted to win the next sale for the company and win a hamper.

Steel Balls

This game can fill the agents with enthusiasm! In the game, the agents are given five balls at the starting of the day. Slowly, whoever makes a sale can ask for a ball from the opponent, and in the end, the agent having the highest number of balls wins!

Call center services can also use the same game based on the highest number of positive customer feedback. The person with the highest positive feedback will have the highest number of balls and will eventually win.

Pod Wars

Everyone loves a game that attracts positive competition and Pod War is one such enthusiastic game.

In the game, the agents compete against one another by shifting the competitor to another pod after successfully making a sale. The game uplifts the call center environment and urges agents to make a better sale and thereafter earn incentives.

Companies can leverage Pod Wars to engross all agents and award them with free spa sessions, online shopping cards, or free food coupons. This way companies can keep their employees happy and thereafter earn better results for the business.

Snake and Ladders

Several call centers in India are positively using this game to boost their agents’ morale. In the game, agents can roll the dice and can move up and down the board like normal once they receive positive feedback from the customer.

Agents are allowed to roll the dice only when they receive positive feedback through an IVR survey. The survey asks the customer to rank the agent on a scale from one to nine, where the customer gives nine to the best agent.

This way call centers can boost their service performance and can keep the agents busy in the game along with boosting results for the business. It is truly an easy way to augment customer satisfaction!

Envelope chasing

The game’s name itself is interesting.

In the game, the agents are shown an envelope containing a prize. At the starting of the day, whoever makes the first sale gets the envelope. Later, the person who makes another sale has handled the envelope and the rhythm goes on.

Lastly, at the EOD, the person who makes the last sale earns the envelope and grabs the prize. The game aims to keep the service results boosted and the agent’s performance up even by the EOD.

The envelope can include prize money, or a pass for a spa session or a pass to leave a half-hour early. All call centers need to have enthusiastic game sessions like these, so that the agents are happy even in the monotonous work environment and the business results are up-to-the-mark every time.

Jenga Pulling

Jenga pulling game for a call center is where the agents get to pull a piece from a grid of Jenga once a sale is complete or after receiving positive customer feedback.

The piece pulled has a number below named as per the total number of each piece like 1 to 54.

The Jenga pulled by the agents has certain numbers beneath, and the agent gets those numbers as pointers. Therefore, the highest number Jenga gives the highest pointer to the agent. At the EOD, the agent who collected the highest number wins.

It a great enthusiastic game that compels agents to earn a sale or earn positive replies from customers so that they can collect most of the pieces. Moreover, its enthusiastic to be lucky enough to pull the highest-numbered Jenga.

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